Metsä Fibre and Valmet develop innovative wood / fiber based 3D packaging

The Metsä Fibre Group has made a significant contribution to a sustainable future. In the new partnership with Valmet, a leading global developer and supplier of process technology, automation and services for... Read more »

Why accelerator models are broken and how 500 startups repair them

No one would imagine me as a venture capitalist. I grew up in rural Wyoming, away from the burdens and wealth of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. But from a very young... Read more »

Global system supplier ZKW Group seeks innovative sensor solutions

Due to the increasing importance of autonomous driving, sensors are also gaining popularity. Although the main headlights and taillights are very suitable for placing sensors on vehicles due to their location, there... Read more »

Apply for GROW Mobility by April 17 to test your 8 million customers

By joining Growth liquidity, You can now benefit from Brisa's more than 45 years of experience and provide reliable results. GROW Mobility is a program for startups with a global mindset and... Read more »

We welcome new partners and global digital transformation expert Flavio Dias when we enter Brazil

I first met Flavio in 2013 when he co-invested with him 500 startups In Orist, One of Brazil's largest online markets-recently raised one C series round. The founder of Olist participated in... Read more »

Tools and tips for working remotely from 500 & GitLab

On March 16, 500 people had the opportunity to speak with Darren Murph, GitLab's head of remote work. With the new COVID-19 virus, many companies are adjusting their workforces to make some,... Read more »

EIT Digital supports up to 25,000 euros for early European startups

In Europe, talent is evenly distributed, but opportunities are not. of EIT Digital Entrepreneurship Program Break down these barriers and empower teams of entrepreneurs from Central and Southern Europe to disrupt established... Read more »

Support next-generation eMobility startup

As startups around the world are developing new solutions, the next e-mobility revolution is ready to become mainstream. In order to accelerate product development, improve energy efficiency, vehicle range, passenger safety, and... Read more »

Iberdrola seeks collaborative solution for electric vehicle charging

Iberdrola is highly committed to sustainable mobility (see Iberdrola's Sustainable Transport Plan For more information) and are launching new Entrepreneurial challenge Looking for Startups capable of providing cost-sharing solutions for electric vehicle... Read more »

Join GROW Mobility and test your solution in a real environment!

Brisa has more than 8 million customers, more than 2.600 employees and more than 1.600 kilometers of road infrastructure, making it a leading European highway company and a pioneer of electronic toll... Read more »
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