New Zealand Finance Minister warns of foreign influence

New Zealand's finance minister warned the country to be vigilant about possible foreign influence before the September election, after it was accused of secretly making secret donations to opposition politicians. businessman Links... Read more »

Prime Minister Modi will speak at "Manki Bart" at 11 am today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Will speak on the 62nd edition of his monthly radio show "Mann Ki Baat11 am today. Prime Minister urges people to serve the people in a previous speech... Read more »

Bernie Sanders strengthens frontrunner position and sweeps Nevada core team

Ranch United States Senator Bernie Sanders Key wins expected on Saturday Nevada The discussions increased his chances of becoming a leader of the Democratic presidential candidate. Ranch Several U.S. media have declared... Read more »

Strict health surveillance prevents entry of Indian coronavirus

Alliance Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said here on Saturday that India remains immune to the new coronavirus due to its robust health surveillance system. He also commends qualified health professionals who have... Read more »

Gold price soars to 7-year high, other news also affects your funds for the coming week

Over the next week, traders will monitor housing data and the escape of safe-haven assets such as gold, which has hit a seven-year high. Read more »

Coral virus outbreak review of China's wildlife trade

Wang Zhilin once lived on rice cultivation in central Jiangxi province. She then turned to a more lucrative trade-satisfying China's exuberant appetite for exotic animals, and many believe that this consumption is... Read more »

Sanders claims major victory in Nevada to strengthen control over Democratic race

Progressive Branding Bernie Sanders secured a decisive victory in the Nevada qualifier on Saturday, cementing his lead in the race to choose a Democratic candidate facing the president Donald Trump In the... Read more »

Trump shares edited Baahubali video, expresses desire to meet friends in India

Ranch America president Donald Ace Said on Saturday he was looking forward to spending time with "big friends" in India next week, and he retweeted a short video in which his face... Read more »

Investors need to face warning signs in the global economy

Monticelllo | Getty Images Global investors are too complacent about downside economic risks, exacerbating, but not limited to, the growing impact of coronaviruses. They underestimated the power to change the nature of... Read more »

How Bloomberg keeps Sanders winning

No more heart disease Bernie Sanders It is now a clear favorite to become a Democratic nominee. He won a huge victory in Nevada on Saturday, followed by a slight advantage in... Read more »
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