WhatsApp may be your preferred application for instant messaging, but sometimes texting on this application can be overwhelming and you want to take a break. However, it is not easy to avoid picking up the phone when the familiar WhatsApp notification tone is buzzing. The way to proceed with caution is to turn off the internet connection to mute WhatsApp notifications so that they do not attract your attention. However, you may miss the update of other important apps (such as Gmail). In this article, we will tell you how to completely turn off WhatsApp notifications without uninstalling the app.

Certain third-party applications can restrict the Internet access of certain applications on your phone (such as WhatsApp) so that the specific application does not send out notifications to distract you. For example, Google Digital allows users to control notifications from applications and helps them limit the use of media applications. But some users think this is not a foolproof idea and can keep them away from using these apps. Certain third-party applications may also pose security risks, and your data may be compromised.

Or, you can mute WhatsApp by modifying the settings of your phone.

How to turn off WhatsApp notifications completely

Turn off all types of notifications in WhatsApp

The first step is to disable WhatsApp notification alerts.To do this, you need to open WhatsApp> Settings> Notifications> and select “None” In the notification sound menu of the message.In addition, you should turn off the vibration and select “not any” under “Light” Option, then close “Use high priority notifications”You can do the same with the “Group” setting under the “Message” section.

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Disable notifications from general Android settings

The Android system also sends application notifications.Therefore, in order to completely turn off WhatsApp, you need to turn off notifications in the following ways Settings> Apps and notifications> Apps> select WhatsApp> Notifications> turn off “All WhatsApp notifications” On your Android device.

Revoke permissions and disable mobile data usage in the background

The third step is to further weaken the application.go with Settings> Apps and notifications> Apps> select WhatsApp. under Authority, Revoke all permissions that allow WhatsApp to access the camera, microphone, and files on your smartphone.Tap Mobile data And prohibit the use of mobile data in the background.

‘Force stop’ WhatsApp

After revoking all permissions and disabling mobile data usage in the background, go to the previous screen and then ‘Forced stop’ application. After doing so, the application will not run, and you will not any notifications. However, if you need to view messages on the app, just open WhatsApp on your device.

This way, you can stay away from the large number of text messages on WhatsApp without deleting the app or closing the internet connection. In addition, you are almost “invisible” to your contacts.