Can we live with COVID-19 forever?

of New coronavirus causing COVID-19 Has quickly occupied our lives. As the global pandemic worsens, confinement measures have begun in various states and states, and hospitals in the affected areas are still... Read more »

Astronomers observe explosion of supermassive black hole jet from early universe

11 billion light years away! Read more »

Surprise discovery reveals Neandertal's favorite seafood and is an excellent fisherman

We are really no different. Read more »

Studies suggest that COVID-19 virus may have survived in humans for many years

Just followed naively. Read more »

This is why herd immunity cannot save us from the COVID-19 pandemic

This is a terrible idea. Read more »

Feeling helpless? You can actually contribute to coronavirus research at home

We need this more than ever. Read more »

Terrestrial animals die of the largest extinction on Earth as early as marine life

It is indeed dying. Read more »

Leading infectious disease expert will have millions of cases in the U.S., says COVID-19 report

"Let's look at the data we have." Read more »

Medic says this is the conversation we need to have with loved ones now

Waiting is never easy. Sometimes, you know that an impending period is almost more difficult than when it finally arrives. Across health services Huge and unprecedented Efforts are underway to prepare for... Read more »

Females are longer than males in various mammals

Like humans, many mammals do not have males, and this is not because of biological age differences. "It has been known for a long time that women usually live longer than men,... Read more »
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