2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S mileage test: how many miles traveled?

Porsche News of the Dalai Lama is frequent. After the loser won Le Mans in 2017 [the 19th numbness], the hardest thing ever looks so lucky Toyota cars Spit it out at... Read more »

Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna comparison

Who says minivans are outdated? No matter how popular crossovers are, minivans cannot replace their ability to comfortably tow people and swallow goods. of 2020 Honda Odyssey with Toyota Sienna These are... Read more »

What is the difference between Subaru Forester and Subaru Outback?

Foresters and Outbacks SubaruOf the best-selling models, each model has a lot of fun and useful tools for buyers. However, Subaru Forester one left Subaru Outback? Which one is best for your... Read more »

What is Toyota's GR brand and what does the GR badge mean?

Those familiar Toyota cars It must have seen its TRD brand on many vehicles. The original name stands for Toyota Motorsports Development, the company's long-time tuning and racing department that takes a... Read more »

Ferrari F1 boss says "others are faster than us"

Barcelona — Ferrari Formula One owner Mattia Binotto said on Friday that he is less optimistic about the team's pace than when he tested last year and that his competitors are faster... Read more »

Honda Civic R: Will Honda make an all-electric EV model?

Honda Civic Type R Project leader Hideki Kakinuma passionately believes that even if the company shifts its focus to more environmentally friendly powertrains, the company should continue to manufacture high-performance cars. Does... Read more »

2021 Cadillac Escalade engine option, HP and engine interchange potential

new Cadillac Escalade 2021 Here, the drivetrain option is definitely good news for enthusiasts, hot rod makers, and custom car artisans who love predatory engines. Although this Fifth generation Escalade is very... Read more »

Hot Wheels announces two remote-controlled Tesla network trucks

At last! This is the remote version of Tesla that we can all afford: Full Electric Cyber ​​Truck By the firewheel. Mattel Creations showed off its latest must-have collection at the New... Read more »

Junkyard gem: 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT with 5-speed manual transmission

When DaimlerChrysler releases caliber as a replacement for the 2007 neon lights, The world's car purchase in the United States is noticed Lovely transportation Will be kicked aside by a new generation... Read more »

2020 Honda Civic Type R Sport Line's small wings don't fit U.S. cars

No shortage of needs Honda Civic Type R In the United States, this may be why Honda Think there is no reason to bring Civic R-type sports line Its tail is fixed... Read more »
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