Genesis G90 first test in 2020: quick follow-up

Since Debuted last fall At the Los Angeles Auto Show-remember? -We have extensively documented a very comprehensive “Refresh in cycle“Korea S-Class” 2020 Genesis G90. We even give it a Driving for the... Read more »
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Former AMG boss Moers officially confirmed as Aston Martin’s new CEO

Aston Martin It was confirmed on Tuesday that Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers will become CEO on August 1, replacing Andy Palmer, who stepped down on Monday. The British “Financial Times” reported last... Read more »

The best car price in 2020 is less than $ 30,000: seven cheap cars will not let you down-MotorTrend

What looks cheap at the dealership may cost you thousands of dollars unnecessarily, which is especially important if your new car budget is up to $ 30,000. cOwnership Ownership far exceeds the... Read more »
00 2004 Chevrolet Classic in Colorado Junkyard photo by Murilee Martin

Junkyard Gem: 2004 Chevrolet Classic

What makes abandoned vehicles become Landfill gem? Sometimes this state is reached for the following reasons Inner coolness Or Love of lovers; Other times the credit goes to its position An obscure... Read more »

This futuristic scooter bombed (Part 1)

Electric Scooter It is a familiar sight, thanks in part to companies such as Bird and Lime, which make traveling by bike easy. But if you have a scooter, can it be... Read more »
genesis g70 2020 csc scorecard

How to install car seat in 2020 Genesis G70? | News from

2019 Genesis G70 photo by Christian Lantry Editor’s note: The car seat inspection was written in February 2019 about the 2019 Genesis G70. This year’s model has hardly changed substantially. What... Read more »

1996 Chevrolet Express Retro Review: Still the same

As baby boomers’ families grow older and travel needs change, some industry analysts predict that the high-end market will shift from stroller minivans to full-size leisure toy trailers truck. If the current... Read more »
Top 10 Toyota Engines

Toyota’s top ten engines include the brand’s I-6, I-4, V-10, etc.-MotorTrend

Toyota ’s legacy as an engine designer and producer is inextricably linked to six-cylinder inline engines. After all, the four power plants on the list all belong to this configuration, including the... Read more »

Mercedes makes concept cars, which are convertibles, pickups and station wagons

When shopping, you must first determine your specific vehicle needs. If you bought it for work and often need to drag things here, then you may be looking for truck. Need a... Read more »
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This is what it feels like to drive the 007 Aston Martin DB5 immediately! @Max speed

Aston Martin DB5 is a British Ferrari from the 1960s DB5 was introduced in 1963 to replace DB4. The redesign carried out by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera was both stylish and sporty, and... Read more »
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