Airtel provides eSIM services to users using select smartphones, including some Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel and Motorola Razr (2021) phones. As the name suggests, the eSIM or embedded user identity module is directly embedded in your smartphone or any device, instead of your physical SIM card or embedded together with your physical SIM card. The eSIM service can not only save space for mobile phone manufacturers, but also provide remote SIM card configuration for any mobile device.

How to activate your Airtel eSIM

If you are an Airtel subscriber, you can activate the eSIM function if you have a compatible device. As mentioned earlier, recent flagship phones from Samsung, Apple, Google and Motorola Razr (2019) are part of the compatibility list. If the user has an eSIM, then the mobile operator can switch the user to a different circle, or even switch their telecom operator remotely. To convert your physical SIM card to eSIM, please follow these simple steps:

  1. To start the process, SMS Electronic card Register the email ID to 121.

  2. If your email ID is valid, you will receive a text message from 121 to confirm the start of the process.You need to reply “1” Confirm the eSIM change within 60 seconds. If your email ID is invalid, you will receive a text message from 121 asking you to restart the process with the correct email ID. This will also guide you on how to update your email ID.

  3. After the verification is complete, the subscriber will receive another text message from 121, asking you to provide consent over the phone.

  4. After you agree to the call, you will receive a final SMS from 121 regarding the QR code you will receive on the registration email ID.

  5. If you are an iPhone user, click Settings> Mobile data> Add data plan> Scan QR code. Scan the QR code received in the email, and make sure your phone is connected to mobile data/Wi-Fi when scanning.After the scanning process, click Label eSIM under Label of the new plan.

  6. If you are a Samsung mobile phone user, please click Settings> SIM card manager> Add mobile plan> Use QR code to add. Scan the QR code received via email (make sure Wi-Fi or mobile data is available).Click after scanning Add to exist Add new mobile plan option.

  7. If you have a Google Pixel phone or Motorola Razr, please choose Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi> Connect to Wi-Fi network (mandatory). Then go to mobile network exist Settings> Advanced> Operator> Add operator> Scan QR code Received by mail (make sure the phone is connected to Wi-Fi when scanning).Click after the scan is complete Download> Finish.

  8. Motorola Razr 5G users must go to Settings> Network and Internet> select the + sign next to mobile network > Click Next (Download your SIM card). Scan the QR code received in your email (make sure the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi/mobile data network when scanning).After the scan is successful, click Enable.

  9. Airtel pointed out that the QR code is unique and can only be used once on a device. After scanning, make sure you have completed the process of adding an operator. Customers should not choose “delete“Option because this will permanently delete the eSIM profile.

  10. If the post-paid user does not receive the email with the QR code within 30 minutes or the subscriber aborts the scanning process, they will need to send it in the form of SMS NOSIM To 121 to avoid disconnection of the physical SIM card.

  11. Similarly, prepaid users need to leave a message NESIM To 52212 (applicable to prepaid numbers in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka) and NESIM to 51619 (applicable to prepaid numbers in other parts of India Number) to avoid disconnection of the physical SIM card.

  12. Airtel stated that eSIM will be activated within approximately 2 hours after scanning the QR code. During this period, the physical SIM card will continue to work.

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