YouTube is endless content, during such difficult times when you are stuck at home, it is to waste time when watching auto-play videos. Fortunately, YouTube Adding a file named Remind before bed This will follow the meaning of the name-telling you to stop watching funny cat videos and fall asleep.

The bedtime reminder has been launched on Android and iOS, and will users in the next few days. The user can set the start time and end time of the video viewing session (via Wait for me to watch the video and display the reminder Option), you can also choose to cancel or pause the reminder.

In addition, the user can also specify whether to watch the video or wait until the end before a bedtime reminder alert. To enable bedtime reminder, go to the “Settings” menu in the YouTube app and open Remind me when to go to bed tool. When you there, you can set the start time and end time of the alarm.

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