YouTube has started making some adjustments to its and iOS apps to make it easier to watch and interact with videos on the platform. These include a more streamlined player page and gestures for controlling playback options. The player has now rearranged the buttons and moved them to a conspicuous position, which is said to save time and at the same time take action. Similarly, gestures are designed to increase the efficiency of YouTube. It expands the “Video Chapters” so that users can view a complete list of all the chapters contained in the video they are watching.

According to a YouTube blog post, the company has recently made five major changes. What stands out is that the player page is more streamlined, designed to save time and provide a better video viewing experience, as well as gesture control to make YouTube more efficient when watching videos.

The that users will notice is the rearrangement of the subtitle (CC) button to a more prominent position in the mobile video player. The goal is to make the subtitles more accessible, and to easily turn on/off the subtitles immediately. In addition, the YouTube autoplay switch has also been moved to the CC button in the upper right corner of the player, where you will get a Chromecast button.

The YouTube autoplay switch has also been moved to the upper right corner of the player
Image source: YouTube

YouTube said it will soon test the rearranged auto-play switching design on desktop computers. In addition to the above changes, users may also notice improved , such as rearranged buttons, which are said to simplify the appearance of the player.

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Now, video sharing platforms provide more gestures so that people can better control what they watch. YouTube already has a double-tap gesture to fast forward or rewind the video for 10 seconds. Now YouTube has added swipe up and swipe down gestures to enter and exit full- mode respectively. Users now only need to swipe up on the video player, and the video will start playing in full-screen mode in landscape mode. Swipe down and it will return to portrait mode.

YouTube has also expanded the “Video Chapters” feature, which allows users to click in the player to get a list view. Users will be able to see “a complete list of all the chapters contained in the video you are watching, each chapter has a preview thumbnail of what you see in that chapter”. In addition, YouTube has begun to introduce recommended measures to prompt users to rotate their phones or play videos in VR for a better experience. The company plans to introduce more recommended measures in the future.

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