YouTube has hashtag , which are pages that display videos with these specific hashtags. YouTube posted an announcement about this content on its Google support page, saying that the new feature will help users videos through hashtags. For many years, although social platforms like Instagram and Twitter have used the # extensively, until now, YouTube has only scratched the surface. The new hashtag landing page will be accessible via the YouTube app and its desktop version on Android and iOS.

Jensen from TeamYouTube shared on the Google support page that the use of the # tag on YouTube will change, which will help users discover videos by grouping content together. Until now, clicking a hashtag on YouTube will show videos that use a specific hashtag and a lot of related content. With the update, clicking on a hashtag will take the user to a dedicated page that only contains videos using a particular hashtag.

Google said that the dedicated page for this tag will be sorted in the way that the best appears at the top. It is difficult to evaluate what Google means by “best video” because we found that the videos displayed by clicking #gaming are not ranked at least by the largest number of views. However, hashtag landing pages do show more specific video results than just search phrases.

The video posted on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel also shows that users will be able to search for a specific hashtag and enter the landing page of that hashtag. However, Engadget cited a report from a YouTube spokesperson that this feature will be launched in the next few days or weeks.

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As mentioned earlier, hashtag landing pages on YouTube have been launched for mobile devices and desktops.

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