Your wish has been granted Microsofts Surface Duo might launch much earlier than expected
Last October, Microsoft showed its dual-screen Surface Duo to the public. The phone is officially unveiled during the Surface event in October this year, and will be to the market during the 2020 holiday shopping season. But we can launch Surface Duo earlier According to Windows Central. Citing people familiar with the matter, the software and hardware have been completed, which could lead to Microsoft's early release and release of Duo.
According to the latest report, Microsoft hopes to complete customization of all operating systems by early . As a result, we may see Microsoft announce limited availability of the device this summer, with early versions for developers and enthusiasts. The unveiling ceremony may take place in the spring, when Surface walk Expected to introduce 2 and Surface Book 3. The device will feature a pair of 5.6-inch displays with a resolution of 1350 x 1800. When displays are turned on side by side, a 8.3-inch screen is created.

The base Surface Duo model will have 6GB of history and 64GB of storage

This dual-core will use last year's flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. This can bring down . The entry-level version of the phone will have 6GB of memory and 64GB of storage. Despite other configurations, Duo will not have a 5G model-at least not this year.

Although it's nice to see Surface Duo, the surface was discovered earlier than us, but if we don't mention one thing mentioned in almost every story today: corona virus, we will certainly be at a loss. Microsoft has announced that the disease will affect its PC business and will definitely affect Surface Duo. Although Microsoft may plan to release its dual-screen productivity device sooner than expected, the company needs to look at the severe damage caused by the disease before deciding to increase production of the device.

Remember, Surface Duo is not like Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z flip, Huawei Mate Xwith Motorola Shaver Yes. The latter all rely on a foldable screen. Duo uses two separate displays with vertical borders between them when turned on side by side. According to reports, this phone will also use a patented hinge, which can not only fold to 360 degrees, but also track the position of two screens, and can change the UI based on this information. For example, if you open Duo in "tent mode" (like an inverted V-shape), the hinge will know the screen is in that position and will change the UI to alarm clocks.
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Another mode (probably called laptop mode) keeps Duo landscape. When opened, the top screen will be used as a display, and the bottom screen will display a virtual QWERTY keyboard. In this setup, placing the device on a table makes it look like a miniature laptop. Duo also comes with a Surface Pen, the first Microsoft device to use Android. So don't spend any time worrying about the gap between applications. Instead, you should be excited to see how Microsoft and other developers work with form factors through their applications.

Just recently we told you that without an external display, Duo users will be able to see the time, notifications and answer calls Via the "peek" system. By turning on the device to just "peek" at the screen, this information will be available to Duo users.

If you've already hyped up the Surface Duo, you may want to keep your fingers crossed and hope that Microsoft does decide earlier than expected.