T- offers huge discounts for its post-paid users T mobile Tuesday application Nowadays. If you have not registered for the service, you can easily get a -month subscription.

Stadia Pro usually charges $10 per month, and offers a selection of games in rotation. You can titles such as “Fate 2”, “PUGB”, “Panzer Dragoon Remake”. right now, T mobile Allows you to get a completely free three-month subscription. Any games you purchase will remain playable, and even if your subscription period ends, you don’t want to continue to pay for it.

This deal won’t give you a Stadia gamepad, but if you to play on a PC with a good internet connection, you don’t need it. Please keep in mind that this transaction is only for Stadia’s new subscribers, you can Accept this offer Until 5 a.m. Eastern Time on June 9.

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