custom my is You will be able to the “My Account” page by inserting the required information. You will fully manage the information you want to display to your customers on the “My Account” page. You will be able to create tailored promotions and display them to users in the most watched areas, thus encouraging them to place new orders.

Demo WooCommerce customizing my account page

WooCommerce custom my account page function

  • 2 styles: sidebar or tab
  • Custom color scheme
  • Users can change their avatars with custom images
  • Add Google reCaptcha (v2) to register the form in my account
  • Add email address verification to complete account creation
  • Block specific email domains so that they cannot create accounts
  • Freely sort the available endpoints of the “My Account” page
  • Edit the following information for any endpoint
  • Edit or delete standard endpoints of WooCommerce
  • Create all required endpoints
  • Possibility of creating endpoint groups
  • Sort group items by drag and drop
  • Only show endpoints to specific user roles in the site
  • Temporarily deactivate an endpoint
  • Compatible with Polylang plugin
  • Compatible with 2.2.4
  • Compatible with WSDesk – help desk plugin new
  • Add a custom link to the “My Account” page

Download WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

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Download WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

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