Y: The Last Man-premiered on Disney+ Hotstar in India on Tuesday, and FX on Hulu in the United States-the road to the screen is so long and difficult, if there is no contemporary comparison, it is impossible to discuss comic adaptations. In it, half of the world’s population died suddenly without any explanation. It’s like HBO’s key darling, The Leftovers, but on a much larger scale, similar to the five years between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.However, in terms of tone and narrative, “Y: The Last Man” is more similar to the post-apocalyptic adaptation of “The Walking Dead”-in fact, the latter’s comic series started a year after “Y: The Last Man” , But the show is now on eleventh And the last season. Y: The last performer might want a similar reception.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong call. Y: The Last Man is a comic created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Despite the frustrating environment, it never lacks a sense of humor. Oops, its protagonist has a pet monkey. Although Vaughan and Guerra are the executive producers of the Y: The Last Man series, there is no such tone in most cases, except for some hints in the sixth episode. Like all critics, I have watched 6 of the 10 episodes of the first season, so I can’t say how it will eventually develop, but in more than half a season, things don’t look optimistic. Eliza Clarke (Animal Kingdom), who developed Y: The last person and served as the host of the show, instead chose a constantly dull and self-serious nature that defines today’s most prestigious TV shows in the United States . It is so versatile and disappointing, especially when the source offers method.

Consistent with the inspiration of The Walking Dead, I can already feel Y: The last man is trying to adapt for a long time. Clark has talked about the potential five or six seasons. But I’m not sure Y: The Last Man is doing enough now to guarantee this kind of investment from the audience. If only it could follow its own lesson. In the early days, when a character wants to know what they are doing to fix the future, the retort will come: “We just want to live in the present.”

In other words, Y: The Last Man does improve the comics in a key aspect. I forgot to mention that the world halving apocalypse of the series is not as random as Infinity War. Instead, it targets anyone with a Y chromosome, except a cisgender man and his monkey. “Not everyone with a Y chromosome is a man,” a geneticist said in the depths of the show, and Y: The last person really wants to emphasize this. Because trans men do not have a Y chromosome, they still exist. Although the comics hint at this aspect, it—as a product of the early 2000s—has never really explored it. The series goes further, with transgender people among the main actors. It is indeed inclusive in this respect, which in turn allows Y: The Last Man to explore sexism in a way that comics have never done before.

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Eliot Fletcher as Sam, Olivia Thirlby as the hero Brown in Y: The Last Man
Image source: Disney/FX Network

Y: The Last Man opened the pre-apocalyptic and introduced us to its collection of characters before their lives were changed forever. The only male survivor and amateur escape artist in the future, Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer, Pride from 2014) is essentially a complete loser. His name itself is a joke (his father named the clown who died in the movie) village) Except as a pun (Yes chromosome).Although he has been bankrupt, partly because of his ideals, he wants to marry his girlfriend, even if he can’t even afford cheese and wine for the proposal dinner-as his paramedic sister hero Brown (Olivia Surby, from Juno (And Goliath), Yorick has a love-hate relationship with her, she is experiencing her drug addiction and adultery problems, tell him. Oh, Yorick’s parents are still paying the rent for him.

Speaking of his parents, Yorick and Herro’s mother is Congresswoman Jennifer Brown (the always great Diane Lane), and she—a bit like Kiefer Sutherland’s designated survivor role—in After the disaster took everyone away, she was promoted to the highest position in the United States (here, all men) before her successor. As the President, after attacked in the White House and now operating outside the Pentagon, Jennifer had to work with the dead president’s right-wing expert daughter Kimberly Cunningham (Amber Tamblyn, the story of the saint handmaid from Arcadia-and She assumed that the late challenger Regina Oliver (Jennifer Wigmore, from Mallorita), as she described her, was an anti-immigration, anti-government, and anti-vaxxer fringe lunatic.

Convenience Y: The last man, the only surviving male human (now the most valuable asset in the world) is the son of the new president of the United States. This is not the result of its origins, because Vaughan only promoted Jennifer from a congresswoman to secretary of the interior. Although it is very inconvenient for President Jennifer here, it sounds like a conspiracy theory-4 billion people have died, and the only survivor is the president’s son? -This is also related to the politics of the series.

In between, Y: The Last Man has a professional agent 355 (Ashley Romans, from Shameless), who operates outside the book to eliminate domestic threats. As the person reporting directly to the president, Jennifer instructed her to take Yorick to see the weird geneticist Dr. Alison Mann (Diana Bon, from an interview), and they believed he could figure out why Yorick and him The pet monkey Ampersand is the only survivor of the Y chromosome worldwide. Yes, the mysterious plague killed not only half of the population, but also half of the biodiversity on the planet. I am surprised that this will not lead to some kind of direct collapse of the environmental pyramid, although I will leave Y: The Last Man’s comment to a more knowledgeable brain than me.

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Be the last person Agent 355 Ashley Romans is the last person TV

Ashley Romans (Ashley Romans) as the 355 agent in “Y: The Last Man”
Image source: Disney/FX Network

After the initial setup (a episode that takes several hours), Y: The Last Man is divided into several threads: Yorick, 355 and Allison on a road trip; Jennifer controls American politics; and the hero and her transgender best friend Sam (Elliott Fletcher, from Pretend) in a survivalist cult, which also includes the late president’s horrified news adviser Nora Brady (Marin Ireland, from hell or high water) and her young daughter . Clark and her Y: The last person writing team made some major changes early on, putting the protagonist Yorick in a secondary position because they focused on female characters (very good). This series of bills clarifies this point, because Lane is number one and Schnetzer is number one. But the strange thing is that Thirlby disappears randomly from one episode, just when we feel that we are getting to know her more and more.

After all, it was the performance that gave “Y: The Last Man” so much power. Ryan deservedly topped the list because she brought a calm and calm demeanor to the show, a person who seemed very responsible. But she also brought a weakness to this role-her fear, as a mother and someone beyond her depth, is related. Romans is the most glamorous performer in the series. He and Schnetzer established a sometimes charming buddy police quarrel routine. His Yorick seems to be less interested in his survival than 355. Bang geneticist Allison seems to be able to add one point, but I have only seen her in episode 6, the last time she made it public to our critics. Schnetzer’s self-centered, unmotivated Yorick should be annoying, and his outstanding performance in this area is commendable.

But Y: The last person, as a whole, has never come together. Considering the potential, this is disappointing. Because of its setting, the series may raise some major structural questions: mainly, when women suddenly come to power, how does a society designed by men and built for men operate differently? Disappointingly, Y: The Last Man seems to have very limited views on this situation. It ends up looking like any other doomsday show, and given its uniqueness, this should be a crime.

For example, most of its politics is just a mirror, reflecting the United States today. Almost every episode has dialogues or scenes about the obvious political differences among Americans. There are a lot of comments about the extreme right and the edge of the alternative right that are encouraged by the Trump administration and brought into the mainstream-although we may (temporarily) get out of it, Y: The last man is very much like a show in Trump America under the leadership. In essence, it is deeply rooted in the hell of current American politics. It seems to be saying that everything has changed, but nothing has changed. Perhaps just eliminating half of the population and the population of one chromosome species will not change much. This fact may be a little comforting. Or it may be lack of imagination.

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However, its biggest and darkest joke is that the global catastrophe basically killed all biological males in the United States before obtaining the first female president.

You are the last person Diane Lane President Jennifer Brown You are the last person TV

Diane Lane as US President Jennifer Brown in “Y: The Last Man”
Image source: Disney/FX Network

Half the walking dead, half the designated survivor, Y: The last person feels that it provides a variation of what we see elsewhere-unfortunately, a pale imitation of the great figures of the post-apocalyptic genre. It not only wastes the things that give life to its source material, but also wastes its USP. The strange thing is that “Y: The Last Man” mostly treats the premise that all of them are gone as an afterthought, and doesn’t bother to analyze the things that make it special. It’s certainly not bad (sturdy in all aspects of production) but it’s not good either. Y: The Last Man is destined to be safe. It failed because it was unwilling to take risks and vacillated for the fence. Y: The Last Man This comic may be new in its heyday, but the Y: The Last Man series does not have any breakthrough content.

some of it is due to its time in development hell. Originally conceptualized as a movie starring Shia LaBeouf, “Y: The Last Man” was transformed into the FX series six years ago. Michael Green (Logan) In Aida Mashaka Croal (Luk Cage) Joined him as the host of the show in 2018, but then both of them left the following year on the grounds of creative differences. This led to large-scale changes due to schedule conflicts, including Barry Keohan (Yorick), Imogen Poots (Imogen Poots) and Lashana Lynch (355) Several actors withdrew from the series. It’s hard to say what Y: The Last Man lost or gained from that upheaval, but it’s clear that this post-apocalyptic nightmare vanilla product is undoubtedly a decade too late.

Y: The Last Man was released on Hulu’s FX on September 13. It will go on sale on Disney+ Hotstar on September 14. There are three episodes when it first airs, and one episode every week thereafter.

Trigger warning: In the early scenes of episode 1 of “Y: The Last Man” released a few days after the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the plane crashed into a building in New York.