Seagate India announced that the Xbox Series X|S Seagate storage expansion will land in India on February 8. The cost is Rs. 23,499, but the promotional price is Rs. The first week is 22,999: from February 8th to 14th. In the United States, its price is 220 US dollars (about 16,250 rupees). Seagate India will provide a three-year limited warranty. The 1TB storage expansion card will be sold through Amazon in India. It can effectively double the 1TB SSD on Series X and triple the 512GB SSD on Series S. Not only can you use it to store next-generation titles, but you can also play them on expansion cards.

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Microsoft has taken a proprietary storage expansion route through the Xbox Series S/X, and the next-generation consoles have an “expansion slot” on the back where they can be inserted. Seagate’s 1TB storage expansion is currently the only storage option available for external storage Xbox Series S/X. Seagate said that Microsoft and Seagate jointly designed a storage expansion card to help it “achieve the same performance as the Xbox Velocity architecture” and “mirror the functions of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S SSDs.”

Although you can connect any compatible external HDD to the new Xbox machine, they can only be used to store and play Xbox One, Xbox 360 or old games from the Xbox era. For Series S/X titles, hard drives are like cold storage. But Seagate’s storage expansion is fast enough to play Series S/X games stored on it.

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Seagate Storage expansion in the “expansion slot” of Xbox Series X
Image source: Seagate / Microsoft

Sony chose a more friendly expansion option for the PlayStation 5. As long as it matches the speed and performance of the SSD that comes with the host, it will allow you to insert a supported built-in SSD. But the expansion slot of PS5 is currently inaccessible, and Sony will only enable it in software updates. At present, the storage of PS5 cannot be expanded at all.

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Seagate’s senior vice president Jeff Fochtman said in a prepared statement: “Seagate is delighted to be a key player in the next generation of games. With the new performance standards, the game will be more dynamic, visually stunning and beautiful than ever before. Immersive. Seagate’s storage expansion for Xbox Series X|S technology provides additional game storage at peak speeds, which replicates the console’s SSD experience. We are proud to work with Xbox and we can’t wait to help Gamers are immersed in a high-fidelity experience.”

The 1TB Seagate storage expansion for Xbox series X|S will be available on Amazon India on February 8 at a price of Rs. 22,999. The price will rise to Rs. As of February 15th, it was 23,499.

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