According to reports, S is a cheap variant of Xbox Series X, and it has reportedly popped up on Twitter, giving us a preliminary understanding of the console. The prompter who shared the image also shared a price of US$299 (approximately Rs 22,000) for the host. Another reminder shared a small clip of Xbox Series S, showing the size compared to the larger and more powerful Xbox Series X. In addition, the date of the two consoles is also set for November 10.

There are rumors that Microsoft will launch one instead of two next- consoles, one is the Xbox Series X, and the other is a slightly lower-toned version of it, allegedly called Xbox SeriesS. Tipster Brad Sams shared a tweet With an image of the so-called Xbox Series S and a $299 price tag. The figure shows the console in white and is placed next to the white Xbox controller. The Xbox Series S has a rectangular parallelepiped shape similar to the Series X, but is smaller and has a black grille on one side.

Another salesman named WalkingCat on Twitter, shared A small clip showing the size comparison between Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. In terms of height, it is slightly smaller than the Xbox Series X, but slimmer.

Windows Central cited a report from a source claiming to confirm the price and release date of the two consoles. It claims that Xbox Series S will actually cost $299, while Xbox Series X will cost $499 (approximately Rs 36,800). The S series are said to provide Xbox All Access financing options of $25 per month, and the X series are said to provide Xbox All Access financing options of $35 per month. It added that both consoles will be released on November 10.

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Microsoft has not yet revealed the exact release date of Xbox Series X, only that it will be released in November. Interestingly, previous leaks claimed that the PlayStation 5 will be released on November 20, and it looks like Microsoft hopes to beat Sony in the race to launch the next generation of consoles.

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