One has received Microsoft’s new Xbox user interface, which will appear in Xbox X and Xbox Series S at launch. The new user interface is part of the latest Xbox One October . It brings a fresh look through stylized icons and updated Xbox Store. The notification inbox has also been refreshed. With new profile themes, it’s now easier and faster to find what you need. According to Microsoft, the October update will be launched this week.

Xbox UI update October 2020

The Xbox UI update will begin rolling out on the Xbox One console before the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are on November 10. Make the console more accessible. Improvements in Xbox Home and the “Guide” will enable users to get started more quickly.

Microsoft said that all Xbox products on consoles, mobile phones and PCs will have the same visual style. The shape, font and focus indicator of the tiles have also undergone some changes.

Users can now choose from a number of different themes, including profile themes and themes. As of now, Microsoft has added three new themes to celebrate the upcoming Xbox One X and Xbox OneS.

The company has made some improvements to the “quality of life”, including a new login method. When users log in with an Xbox account, the console will be personalized for them, so that they can easily access , friend lists, etc. The home experience has also been redesigned.

The October update added support for four new languages-Hungarian, Greek, Solvak and Czech. Microsoft will review user feedback to improve features and interface. This will allow the company to provide a more unified experience on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Microsoft showed off the new Microsoft Store update for Xbox in early August, and then released a new Xbox guide later in the same month.

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