Have you ever found yourself having an intense gaming session on your Xbox suddenly having your game slow down, or seeing things freeze when there were no issues before? Some people have also reported issues loading games, you keep seeing the loading screen for the game but it doesn’t actually load.

The problem may be with the cache on the console, so try clearing the cache before you try reinstalling the game or sending the console in for repair. If your game is experiencing slowdowns, freezes, or won’t load, this handy method should save you some headaches. Unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox doesn’t have a menu option to clear the console’s cache. However, clearing the cache is very simple and you only need to follow a few steps.

You can try and follow two methods. The first step is only step and probably the quickest way to solve the problem. The first method is to and hold the power button for 10 seconds, which will reset the console. If that doesn’t work, you can try a slightly longer method.

  1. First, and hold the power button on the console until it shuts down completely.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the console.
  3. Now you have to make sure any remaining charge in the Xbox battery is drained, so wait two minutes, then the power button four times.
  4. Plug the power cord back into the console.
  5. Wait for the light on the power brick to change from white to orange.
  6. Use the power button to turn on the console.
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This will perform a cold restart of the console, clearing the cache. This should fix most issues related to gaming performance.

Do you have any Xbox maintenance tips to share? Let us know via comments.

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