The Xbox app may appear on in 2021, said Phil , the head of Xbox, in an interview with The Verge. Microsoft is working hard to introduce its game streaming service xCloud to mobile , and it seems that the company has plans to implement similar on smart TVs. Although Spencer did not share exact details about the app, the Xbox director hinted last that the company may be developing TV streaming for its xCloud game service.

Phil Spencer talked to The Verge about the future of new Xbox and games, and shared that Xbox apps or similar products will enter smart TVs in the next 12 months. “I think you will see this in the next 12 months. I don’t think anything will prevent us from doing this,” the report quoted Spencer as saying.

Looking back at CRT TVs that project images on a glass panel, Spencer mentioned that today’s TVs are like game consoles, they are tucked behind the screen with “application , Bluetooth stack and streaming capabilities.”

According to Spencer, watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other streaming services is one of the main operations users perform on their consoles. When talking about changes in technology, the person in charge of Xbox said: “I think you are absolutely right. There will be winners and losers, and things will evolve and merge together. I mean, with the incoming flow With the increase in the number of signals, the computing power in my home has increased, not decreased. I think games will also be one of them.”

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As early as , Microsoft hinted at TV streaming for its xCloud game service. Spencer (Spencer) said at the time that there may be low-cost hardware in the Xbox ecosystem, referring to that can only be plugged into a TV and run games through xCloud.

Microsoft is working hard to bring a stable version of its xCloud game streaming service to mobile devices. As of now, it has been available in Beta on Android with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and has brought more than 100 games on mobile devices.

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