American doughnut and coffee chain Krispy Kreme and gaming giant have teamed up to launch a limited edition doughnut “The Nexus Level”. Krispy Kreme said in a promotional video posted on Twitter that the delicacy will be available in offline and online stores in the UK and Ireland from August 2 to August 22. Although Xbox has worked with food companies in the past, this is Krispy Kreme’s first foray into the cross-promotion business of video games.

The official Twitter account of Krispy Kreme UK released a video on July 28 announcing the new product. “We are really happy to share this new revolutionary product with you,” product innovator Ana Torc said in the video. The visual effect shows that the new product is essentially a donut with the logo.

“This limited-edition doughnut is made from our irresistible light and fluffy dough and rich, sticky brownie batter, dipped in icing sugar and decorated with the iconic logo,” Krispy Kreme shared link Wrote in the description of the Nexus Level doughnut on the previous page. tweet.

Not only that, according to Screen Rant, the British vertical market of this popular breakfast chain also held a game for customers, where they have a chance to win a free Series S and a one-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The collaboration of video game giants with restaurants and fast food chains is nothing new. previously worked with Monster Energy, Trident Gum and Taco Bell to promote not only the X-series consoles, but also upcoming games such as Halo: Infinite. On the other hand, Xbox’s main competitor, Sony, worked with Burger King a few months before the launch of PlayStation 5. The company even offers free game consoles, offering five meals for two.

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