Workplace messaging app Slack said is working to fix a bug in the direct messaging feature it introduced earlier Wednesday that could lead to online harassment.

This feature allows users to send direct messages to anyone inside or outside the company through Slack Connect. The company said in a blog post that users can send invitations to any partner and start sending messages immediately after accepting the invitation.

Slack vice president of communications and policy Jonathan Prince (Jonathan Prince) said in a statement that after launching the feature, Slack received feedback from users stating that email invitations to use the feature might be used to send abuse Or harassing news.

Prince added: “We made a in our initial deployment.”

The company, which was acquired by Salesforce, said that when a user invites someone to access Slack Connect direct messaging to solve the problem, will remove the ability to customize messages.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world are to work from home, and as offices have remote meetings, there is an increasing demand for the services provided by the Slack and Microsoft teams.

Slack said on Wednesday that plans to soon expand the direct message invitation feature to all teams, including teams with free subscriptions.

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