WP file download plugin is empty Get the simplest but most powerful WordPress file manager. Create file categories, drag and drop files, and then insert file categories or individual files directly into the content. WP file download is empty Provide you with many professional functions, such as a full-text search engine and a complete Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive integration with two file synchronization functions.

Demo WP file download WordPress plugin

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  • File manager theme: includes 4 themes
    The plugin contains four themes, but not just themes! They change the way you make files available to users. The topics included include standard lists, Google Drive like, Table and Accordion trees. The system is also very flexible because you can apply themes by file category and even create your own themes.
  • Powerful and simple WordPress file manager
    We mean it – the file manager really is. Essentially, this is like managing files on a desktop file browser. For example, you can use drag-and-drop operations and sequential files to change the order and level of file categories. Everything can be saved instantly via AJAX. Add new file? Just drag and drop one or more files. Move or copy files? This is a piece of cake. Drag and drop files or use buttons to copy, and paste one or more files at the same time.
  • Restrict file download access permissions, file visibility and file management
    When managing files, you always need to set file access permissions for users, and doing so is always complicated. In WP File Download, we include smart tools for managing file visibility and file management operations. Define who is allowed to download or update files, delete files, edit only your own files, etc. In addition, it is possible to restrict access to files or file categories only for certain WordPress users.
  • File manager for WordPress Gutenberg
    WP File Download is fully integrated with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. The file manager plugin has 2 dedicated Gutenberg blocks that can load WordPress files and file categories (including cloud files and categories for Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive).
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Download the WP fileDownload the WordPress plugin

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Download the WP fileDownload Cloud Addon

Download the WP fileDownload the WordPress plugin