WP Content Pilot Pro WordPress Autoblog Affiliate Marketing Plugin

WP Content Pilot Pro is empty it’s the best Affiliate marketing plugin It is bundled with leading affiliate programs (such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, ClickBank, Envato, eBay, etc.), so WP Content Pilot PRO will be your one-stop solution for automatically obtaining affiliate revenue.

Demo WP Content Pilot Pro plugin

WP Content Pilot Pro plug-in features

  • Readability score analysis
    The readability score forces the creation of easy-to-understand and high-quality posts. Adjust the readability score to limit posts below this standard.
  • Automatic translation
    WP Content Pilot can translate articles and publish them on your website. The language of the source articles is not a barrier for you, because you can publish them in the most popular languages ​​(including the required languages).
  • Custom post meta
    WP Content Pilot Pro comes with custom post meta support. You can use as many meta as you need. You can set the meta value from the template tab of the corresponding campaign type, or you can set any value as needed.
    You can add new categories and assign posts under them when you create a campaign. When the post is published, WP Content Pilot will automatically insert these categories.
  • Custom post tags
    Similar to categories, you can also add new tags and assign them to posts when creating a campaign. When the release will be released, WP Content Pilot will automatically insert these tags.
  • Limit post title length
    Limit the title to any number of words. Just enter a number and WP Content Pilot will automatically set the title to that length.
  • Limit post content length
    You can also limit the content to the number of words you like. Set the number of words to enjoy the length of customized content. WP Content Pilot will automatically cut off the rest of the content except for the preset number of words.
  • Set article length
    Another extraordinary feature is to limit posts that do not have the required length. WP Content Pilot PRO will not publish any posts according to the preset post length (word count).
  • Get articles containing only selected words
    Post only the words you like. The post must contain required words, otherwise WP Content Pilot PRO will reject them.
  • Set prohibited words
    Use the prohibited words function to filter out posts with unwanted words. Set the banned words and WP Content Pilot will do the rest for you by rejecting them.
  • Automatic search and replace
    Search and replace is one of the most powerful features of WP Content Pilot. With this option, you can preset certain words to be replaced with the desired words. For example, set bonsai in search and mango in replacement. Mango will replace bonsai in the final output.
  • Built-in automatic membership system
    Increase your affiliate commission by extracting information from your favorite platform and publishing it as a regular WordPress post.
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Download WP Content Pilot Pro plugin

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Download WP Content Pilot Pro plugin

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