news requires absolutely zero coding experience. It immediately provides you with the ability to integrate email marketing with e-commerce stores. You can expand your email audience and increase sales quickly and easily.

Demo WooCoomerce Aweber newsletter subscription

WooCoomerce Aweber newsletter subscription function

  • Learn more about your audience. Manage the people on the list by marking all aspects of purchases and cart abandonment.
  • Distinguish from customers. When someone makes a purchase, please add it to your AWeber account and choose to various tags.
  • Fine-tune your automation channels. Mark the purchased products and combine segmentation and dynamic to customize special discounts and offers for your audience.
  • Increase your email newsletter audience immediately. When customers purchase items from your , allow them to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Promote sales through personalization. Purchase history and shopping cart abandonment tags allow you to follow up with more relevant personalized content and increase revenue opportunities.
  • Incentivize viewers to . Turn first-time customers into repeat customers by sending them rewards (such as coupons or shipping based on items purchased in the past).
  • Restore sales losses. Add visitors who automatically abandoned their shopping carts to your AWeber account. Easily customize the cart abandonment label to trigger an automatic cart abandonment email campaign.
  • Customers can click the link to restore the abandoned shopping cart. Send the customer a recovery hyperlink, which will take them back to the shopping cart and allow them to complete the purchase.
  • The visibility of whether the shopping cart can be recycled. Track shopping cart abandonment tags, including whether to restore the shopping cart. The unrecyclable shopping cart is an excellent opportunity to motivate you to visit the store again.
  • Eliminate marketing pressure with ready-made automated campaigns. Pre-written automated campaigns will save you time and sell your business 24/7. Choose from shopping cart abandonment, lead magnet, mini course, welcome series and Blogger series automatic campaign.
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