Thanks to the optimization of game developer Epic, the capacity of the PC of Fortnite has been reduced from 90GB to 30GB. The team shared the results through a tweet on October 21, which mentioned that version 14.40 had been released. It also mentioned that this patch will be larger than the regular because it brings various optimization measures to reduce the overall game size. In an era when the game has become extremely large (“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” now exceeds 240GB), this is good news for PC gamers.

Fortnite through its official Twitter handle, shared The 14.40 update will be released on October 21st and will be 27GB in size. It is larger than the previous update, and for good reason. The developers shared that they have optimized the game, which will greatly reduce the total file size on the PC. The game takes up 90GB of storage space on the PC, and only 27GB after the update, which is good news, especially when you are running low on storage space.

Fortnite update 14.40 brings bug fixes and new features to the game. It adds the matchmaking portal to Creative, which means that creators with permission can use matchmaking to create custom . The third Fortnite birthday cake has been added to the “Indoor House Item Library”. In addition, this update also fixes some island bugs, weapon and game bugs.

At the same time, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” has been updated many times since its release, and has broken the 240GB mark. Last week, the developers released a Halloween update, which itself is about 20GB on PC, but allows to uninstall game modes they don’t play. The PC player can uninstall Campaign, Multiplayer mode and Special Ops. Warzone is a battle royale mode and cannot be uninstalled. Uninstalling these three modes can about 130GB of space.

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