Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (Jerry Nadler) said on Wednesday that the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee will vote next week on a series of recently introduced antitrust bills, including several market forces targeting large technology companies.

Five antitrust bills were introduced in the House of Representatives last week. They will be flagged in the committee to consider changes, and the group will vote to determine whether all members of the House of Representatives should vote on these measures.

Two bills introduced last week solved the problem of giant companies such as Amazon and Alphabet’s Google creating platforms for other companies and competing with them.

These bills-one of which will force companies to sell their businesses-have the most opposition. Some professional technical groups said that this may mean the end of popular promotions such as Amazon Prime free shipping and iMessage in iPhone devices.

David Cicilline, the chairman and representative of the Antitrust Subcommittee, about the crisis by the power of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. “These modern bandit tycoons are expanding their power through anti-competitive means,” he said at a press conference with colleagues from Republicans and Democrats.

A top antitrust Republican Rep. Ken Buck (Ken Buck) said he had been skeptical about the need for additional antitrust enforcement, but later changed his mind. “I think that as people learn more about this issue, you will see more Republican support,” he said.

In addition to the two bills on conflicts of interest in platform business, the third bill also requires platforms not to conduct any mergers unless it can prove that the acquired company does not compete with any products or services of the platform. The fourth item will require the platform to allow users to transfer their data to other places, including to competing companies.

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Members of the House of Representatives also introduced a fifth bill, which is a companion bill to a measure already passed by the Senate. The bill will increase the budget of antitrust enforcement officers and make the company planning the largest merger pay more. Observers said that the bill is the most likely of the five bills to become law.

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