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A report released on Friday showed that after more than two months of the corona virus blockade, were made homeless. Since the low point in mid-April, traffic in the beach area has tripled and have returned to the .

As the enters the long Memorial Day holiday weekend that traditionally begins from summer vacation, traffic in some areas is even expected to exceed pre- levels.

According to data from traffic analysis company StreetLight Data, passenger travel in Beach County in the United States has more than doubled since Easter. At Ocean City Beach Resort in Maryland, activity has quadrupled, compared with a 5% increase in the same period in 2019.

StreetLight Data CEO Laura Schewel said: “This shows that part of the reason people travel is to go to a summer place.”

StreetLight Data shows that although traffic in the U.S. is still down by about 50%, road usage has more than tripled since the lowest point since Easter, when more than 90% of the U.S. population was in Under the blockade.

According to data from another transportation data provider, INRIX Inc, traffic flow in major cities along the west coast and northeast of the United States (including Seattle, Los Angeles, San , New York, and Washington) is still significantly reduced.

INRIX said that in some areas with smaller populations, road usage even exceeded levels. Since early May, transportation activities in non-coastal cities such as , Chicago, Detroit and Houston have increased significantly.

Both StreetLight and INRIX use anonymous aggregated data from mobile applications and on-board systems to determine the mileage of vehicles traveling. They calculated the percentage change based on road usage in January and February 2020 (winter seasons where winter activity is usually lower).

Spring driving usually increases by about 15%, which means that the average national road traffic volume may even be lower than the seasonally adjusted pre-crisis level.

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