Online reports claim that the next feature update of 10 will come with a new panel that will allow users to emojis, GIFs and from the clipboard and them into documents. According to reports, the panel is part of Windows 10X announced at the Surface Conference in October last year, and it will be part of some other that may be introduced in the next update. Earlier, Microsoft announced that it would release Windows 10X on a single-screen laptop, and then use dual-screen devices directly.

According to a from Windows Latest, Windows 10 Build 20185 will bring a panel that allows users to insert emoji, GIF and clipboard content in messages, documents and emails. There will be a home page where users can access their most recently used emojis and GIFs. It will also allow them to search for new ones. In addition, it will allow users to access symbols and kaomoji (a popular Japanese emoji style).

As mentioned earlier, users can also access the content that has been copied to the clipboard. Supported content includes text, images and HTML. more importantly? It can be synchronized on all Windows devices, if you don’t want to use it, you can turn it off. According to reports, the clipboard history can store up to 25 entries.

Other Windows 10X features of Windows 10

The report claims that other key features of Windows 10X (such as a faster Windows Update experience) may also appear in Windows 10. Users can also use the new Action Center for a simplified experience. However, there is no timetable or confirmation for the promotion of these features to Windows 10.

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As mentioned above, the reason is likely to be due to Microsoft’s announcement about COVID-19. The company said that it will slightly adjust its plans for Windows 10X and will release it for single-screen devices. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has not made it clear that it will introduce some of the more refined Windows 10X features into Windows 10.

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