Netflix is ​​playing an abridged version of “Mission Impossible: Impossible-Dust Settles” on its Indian platform, which eliminates all references to the Kashmir region, whether it is “Kashmir” or “Indian-controlled Kashmir”. It was the old Cha Jam and Kashmir. This is the same version of Fallout, which has been approved by the Central Committee for Film Certification (CBFC) for film distribution, commonly known as the Indian Inspection Commission.

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Medianama was the first person to propose a theatrical version of “Mission: Impossible-Fallout” on Netflix India. The report said that Netflix has reviewed the film, but it is actually not clear whether the reason behind the decision is Netflix or Paramount Pictures.

According to industry insiders TechnologyShout, Hollywood movies are usually obtained through streaming services as part of the entire international transaction. This means it may be Paramount’s call for CBFC-approved “Mission Impossible 6: Impossible-Dust Settles” to Netflix.

Gadget 360 has contacted ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group, the distribution arm of Paramount Pictures and its parent company, for comment. If we receive a response, we will update it.

For its part, Netflix told TechnologyShout an email statement: “This is a licensed title. We are showing the version released in India in 2018.” There was no clarification, and Netflix said it had no other comments.

Mission: Impossible-Fallout is not the first licensed game to be troubled by the fate of Netflix censorship. The same thing happened before the historical drama “Vikings.” In that case, Netflix said it had decided to do so because it wanted to have Hindi subtitles and dubbing, and only the locally approved version could be used.

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“Mission Impossible: Impossible-The Dust Settles” may also be the case, although this does not explain why the cannot be played on Netflix Tamil or Telugu, and these are shown in Indian theaters.

On the other hand, Amazon has been able to provide Indians with multiple versions of a title. The two seasons of its original fantasy series “American Gods” have two forms: one is censored and the other is uncensored. The latter will not be displayed when browsing the catalog, but it can be obtained by searching.

But it is also worth noting that when Paramount and Amazon India reached an agreement, “Mission: Impossible”-“Fallout” was only available the Prime Video version approved by the CBFC.

As Medianama reported, Netflix and Amazon did replace the uncensored 2015 Pan Nalin movie “Angry Indian Goddess” and 2016 Alankrita Shrivastava movie “Lipstick Under My Burkha” with uncensored versions 2017. version.

Generally speaking, all movies shown Indian cinemas are only available in CBFC-approved versions in digital media stores such as iTunes and Google Play. Although in the above cases, streaming services do the same for Indian-made films, they do not follow this approach for international films. Mission: Impossible-Radiation is an exception.

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