Cameron Mathison Ford Mustang

Quick statistics: Cameron Mathison, co-host of Hallmark Channel Family and family
Daily driver: 2018 Tesla Model S [Cameron's score: 9.5, from 1 to 10]
Other cars: as follows
Favorite Road Trip: New York to Los Angeles
He learned to drive a car: Circa 1980 Mazda 626
First car purchased: Late 1980s Audi 90

Someone bought a ring. For Cameron Mathison, actor and co-host Family and familyTo buy his 1965 Ford Mustang It was the symbolic of then-girlfriend Vanessa to express their commitment to their future. He still loves cars since they got married, and because of its symbolic significance, he rated the car 9.8 out of 10 points.

"It has a lot of value. When I was dating and living on the opposite coast, I bought this car and named it after my wife." Automotive trends.

The car was indelibly entangled at important moments in his life. His Mustang was at the center of his personal love story, because it was Vanessa who found the Mustang for Mathison because he was looking for a Mustang at the time.

"I lived in New York at the time, and I was just a bachelor. She didn't know I was serious about this relationship, so I bought it and sent it to California with her in her name," he said. "For me, it represents the relationship between us. It's been working hard. You have to maintain it, you have to cherish it, just like building a relationship. I have been dating all the time, almost exactly the same, this is really too Cool. This is a very special car, the one my son is waiting to take over in later life. "

Mathison likes the look of the Mustang. "Fortunately, it has two white racing stripes and the sky is ice blue," Mathison said. "This is just a very beautiful car."

He feels Steve McQueen Mustang It's an iconic look. "The '65s look more classic and have less muscle," he said. "I bought this car because I like the whole Fastback look. The fact that I named her after her was to show me, & # 39; Listen, I already have it, I have always wanted this, this is so important to me, I will put it in your name, then put it in your name, Prove that I won't go anywhere. "

2018 Tesla Model S

Mathison got it Tesla Model S Because it is better for the environment. "The carpool lane saved me a total of about 45 minutes of driving time per day," he said. "I rated it 9.5, while .5 was due to maintenance. It was hit and required some body repairs, and parts came from Tesla It took a long time, so my biggest complaint about this is that you have to make sure you don't need any parts of Tesla, and if you don't, then this car is great. "

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Mathison enjoys Tesla's powerful acceleration and endurance capabilities. "This is instant and powerful, clever The car surprises you. Apart from the worse-than-expected repairs, I had few other negative effects. Other than that, this is incredible. Storage, drive, capacity, driveability, speed, power and even battery life. The fact that you don't have to go to a gas station. I just plug it in at night or at work, so I can always drive between 250 and 275 miles. Amazing. "

Madison said Tesla must have spoiled him. "It's hard to drive anything else. It's actually hard to drive anything else. In Tesla, you can change from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds, so it's very spoiled," he said. He says.

When he bought Tesla, he customized it to his liking. "I made some sports bags and took off some chrome. It now looks more sporty and meaningful," he said.

2018 Maserati Levante

Mathison is Maserati Before this Levante there was a Ghibli who loved driving performance, Italian engineering and style. "I made up my electric car with my own car and I was running out of gas Maserati Levante Then came the & # 39; 65 Mustang Fastback. It's all average. Mathison said, "Driving is also difficult. Tons of power and driving performance."

Since he owns Tesla, Maserati can't be the perfect ten. "Compared to Masira, Maserati I don't like Maserati, it's a bit lagging. It's very fast and very powerful, but you can only hit it and gain momentum with a short pause."

2015 Dodge Durango R / T

Durango is a road wagon from Mathison. He said: "This is the R / T model, so with the Hemi engine." "It has more mileage because we have traveled to Colorado many times. We are a huge road travel family. This is what we like to do Things. "

Madison can take it to the beach. It can seat seven people. He said it was "awesome" but he had higher expectations for the engine.

"There is a lag when the gear shifter sometimes climbs uphill. It doesn't have as much power as the Hemi engine that I would like to buy. I think it will be a bit meaty-at that time you really need it. So for those who don't That heavy SUV, I think it should have more power, "he said. "That's why I give it 7.5. But it also has value because we have a lot of great family trips. We have been taking it to Colorado for and we are going to the beach; we are going to mammoth . "

Mathison grew up in Toronto and learned to drive the manual Mazda 626, which he believes was around 1980. But he was very vivid in retrospect, what his father said when he taught him how to drive. Those wise words made him unforgettable all his life.

"I'm really frustrated at learning how to drive a joystick. This is my first time participating in a race. I remember my father saying to me, looking at me, this is actually a good life lesson," Mattison said . "He said," I know, Cameron, when you put it into action, I will understand. To do whatever you want, there is no doubt that you will be a good driver. "At that moment, I relaxed a bit, it helped me, it made me know that these things take time and patient, I just remember this, this is even the first time I heard from him, This is the first time I haven't even heard of myself, so I thought, "Wow, I can really do what I want," which helped me a lot. "Now he does the same thing with his son who is learning to drive Dodge Durango.

Mathison kindly looks back at his memories in the lime green Mazda. "This is one of the ugliest things you've ever seen, but I like it. That was my brother and my first car. We saved it and invested our money. It keeps crashing , But we did not take care. We were trapped in the snow in Canada. That was our first child. "

Mathison owns the second-hand Audi 90 in the late 1980s, the first car he bought himself. He recalled: "My girlfriend's father drove Audi, and I was in awe. My father also had an Audi 5000. I couldn't afford those high-end ones, but I had a second-hand Audi 90." "It looks very sporty. It has a The sports kit looks so mean, I like it, and I was very excited when I suddenly took an Audi car. This is important. "

After Mathison graduated from college, he bought Audi with the money he had from owning a fence and trim company during his college years. "In the summer, I and my partner built fences and decks. We made money very quickly. We did a good job, so I saved money, which helped me afford that car. "

Audi is more of a show-off car to him. "For me, this is a wonderful moment. This is where I used to travel a lot and everything I do. That was when I first started in the entertainment business, I started to do some modeling and a little action. So , You will feel cool. "He said. "I've always been lucky. Cars have always been my favorite and enjoyment. It's fun to go back and discuss some of these with you, because I have forgotten a lot before you ask, it's important; this is your journey."

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Mathison praised the car that was put in with the crew. "It's like when I wake up in the entertainment industry and see everyone driving and then getting in there, learning and getting ready, some crew members will talk to you about their Mustangs, I will check it and I will say," God! "I don't even know the whole world," he said.

Mathison's favorite road trip is the one he moved from New York to Los Angeles and married between the two.

"My wife and I lived in New York at the time. We're getting married in Colorado and then moving to Los Angeles. I'm leaving the soap opera. All my children In New York, so we took a road trip from New York to Colorado and suspended the trip at our wedding, "he said." We met everyone there, got married, and then continued from Colorado to California. Road trip. That was one of the best times of my life. It was a cool road trip. It took us time to watch crazy things and live in a motel. It was a very unforgettable time together. "

Madison Drive Toyota 4Runner It took a total of three weeks, including the middle wedding.

"Road trips are special because there are only two people," he said. "There is no entertainment, maybe some audiobooks or some music, but you are harmonious. This is special because we are getting married. For all these reasons, this It was amazing. We had a wonderful time together. We heard everything. Zeppelin led a song on earth, the whole thing, listening to audiobooks and laughing.

Family and family 10am on Hallmark Channel working day

After success All my childrenMathison likes to co-host Hallmark's daily performances. "I've been in this business for more than 25 years, and I really haven't worked for a long time, that's really rare. I really appreciate the thing between the host and the show, which is very rare. It keeps me busy I am very grateful. "He said.

Mathison is very excited to commute to work every day. He even made some segments to show the audience how to prepare his car before the trip. "I like it for a lot of reasons," he said on the show. "I've been working all my life, doing a lot of different things, but this is mostly to help people and spread motivation. That's what we do. We introduce people to cars, we do the cooking part, and we have motivational interviews "It's really a good, positive, spreading kindness. At this moment in my life, I have done everything and it feels good to go to work. I really enjoy going to work every day. "

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