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Governor Michigan executive courtesy

  • Courtesy of Michigan Governor's Office

After a few days Event cancelled for more than 100 people To curb the spread of the COVID-19 , Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered a formal ban on all large gatherings.

Executive Order 2020-5 prohibits the gathering of all persons of 250 or more from 5 pm. On Friday, March 13, until 5pm. On Sunday, April 5, the executive order will also close all K-12 school buildings, from Monday, March 16 to Sunday, April 5. Childcare facilities will remain open.

Violation of the injunction is a misdemeanor.

"This is to protect most from the spread of the coronavirus," Whitmer said in a statement. "My will continue to do everything in its power to reduce the spread of this situation and ensure our children, Families and businesses get the support they need during this time. We will get through it, but we must remain flexible and treat each other with caution. "

This means events such as concerts, sporting events, political rallies and church parties will be cancelled.

The order exempts certain parties, such as industrial or manufacturing jobs, public transportation, and grocery stores.

By Thursday night, 12 adults in the were infected with the coronavirus. The state has confirmed positive cases in Wayne, Oakland, Ingham, Kent, Montcalm, St. Clair and Washington.

You can read the full executive order Here.

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