Video resolutions and camera modes which ones do you prefer

We are back. Smartphone cameras, how do you use them? You already told us Which cameras do you usually use Then What do you mainly use them for.

Now it’s time to get more detailed information. The results show that you take pictures more frequently than when recording , but we are convinced that this is still an important part of the system. Today, phones can even record video in 8K, which is really impressive, but not practical. Therefore, we want to ask you which combination of more reasonable video and fps is best for you.

Okay, now let ’s talk about camera modes other than photos and . Of course, each phone has a different phone number, but now some phones have been given. They have their niche uses, but we all have our preferences. What is yours?

Okay, that ’s all for today! Thanks for your answers, and pay close attention to the next within a few days!

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