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Japan eShop Card

If the plethora of amazing indie games that play Nintendo Switch eShop every week are not enough to meet your needs, then you can find a large number of games on Japanese eShop on Switch. A big advantage of Nintendo Switch eShop is that you can create additional accounts to enable you to purchase games from other eShop areas. Not only does Japanese Switch eShop have region-specific games, but some games are usually received earlier than the rest of the world [Vitaa Racing Is the most recent example].

So there is nothing to you from using Japanese eShop games immediately. In fact, registering a credit to your Nintendo Japan account may be the most difficult obstacle, but this practical guide will point you in the right direction and you will soon enjoy early-release exclusive Japanese games on Western Switch.

Before buying Japanese Switch eShop points, you need Setting up a Nintendo account in Japan To visit the country	s eShop. Assuming you've already done this, you can top up in yen. Read on to know where to find Japanese Switch eShop points …

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Japan-Nintendo Switch eShop Points

With a Japanese account, you can easily purchase Switch ’s Japanese eShop points in multiple denominations from Play Asia. The code will also be sent directly to your inbox, so there is no need to wait for the mailbox to send the pesky physical card!

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Are you a fan buying eShop points to recharge your Switch account? If you want to buy credit in Europe or the United States, check out our selection of locations to find these credits on our website Guide to buying eShop points in these regions. Let us know which eShop games you think are worth buying for virtual currency and leave a comment below.