When Facebook is more trustworthy than the president

Dr. Mike, whose real name is Mikhail Varshavski, is a family doctor in New Jersey Become popular Five years ago, he was a popular doctor on Instagram and a cute dog. He was then 25 years old and lived with his father on Staten Island. He now lives in a $ 9,000-a-month penthouse in the Far West side of Manhattan.

He said: "The flood doesn't mean panic disorder." He sat cross-legged on the black leather sofa and tried to explore. "Do you like that? Or cliché?" He thought it was good. with Calluses.

Warsawski Deliver Provide young people with reliable health , most of which are recordings of his reactions to memes and TV shows. When the coronavirus began, he responded. And because YouTube ’s system now favors authority voices, film Like his "truth about coronavirus", it also ranks high in recommendations. It has attracted more than five million .

Mr. Varshavsky also exposed false information in many directions. One of his goals on Friday was to be an influential person to the deer. The other is TV star Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been recommending Zinc flakes and elderberry syrup. [A spokesman for Dr. Oz said these products have proven to be helpful for the common cold.] Then, of course, President Trump.

Dr. Varshavski and a new generation of researchers, journalists, and even responsible voices from tech company employees seem to be breaking through. Zuckerberg is the industry's most determined optimist. "If we do a good job in the coming weeks, the power of media will be seen as an important part of the story," he said.

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When I spoke to Mr. Zuckerberg and other social media executives last week, I kept coming back to the same point: Can responsible information flow continue after this crisis? Can it be extended to our upcoming presidential race?

"I hope so," Mr. Dorsey of wrote. "It depends on all of us. "

Mr. Zuckerberg is less optimistic. Currently, Facebook is addressing "the imminent danger of misinformation, telling people if they have certain symptoms and don't mind receiving treatment … such as & # 39; things you can cure by drinking bleach. & # 39; I mean, it's just in different classes. "

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