According to new research UswitchWhen it comes to battery drain, WhatsApp is one of the worst offenders. In fact, the most popular ranked fourth in the Lost Countries report, which surveyed the top 50 most popular apps from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows Apps.

For WhatsApp, this is also bad news for those who use the Google as well as the main Facebook app and its Messenger. So why are these popular applications so bad for your power supply?

Well, Uswitch says that based on the permissions they need, Google, Facebook and WhatsApp are our biggest consumers of battery. Facebook — along with others in the top ten — is constantly running on the phone in the background and is accessing more than 50 permissions, including; contacts, locations, and media.

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Uswiutch said in its report: "Short battery life is the biggest burden for smartphone users around the world. Despite the ever-increasing battery size, most phones still struggle to overcome a day of heavy use without consuming power. This is not surprising.

"But what really consumes the battery is the apps used by the phone. More specifically, these apps need these permissions to give you the best experience possible. From accessing the camera, calendar contacts to using your location or Wi -Fi. "

Here are the top ten power-consuming apps based on Uswitch:

2. Facebook
3. Facebook Messenger
4. WhatsApp
5. Amazon Alexa
6. Gmail
7. Uber
8. Waze
9. Google Chrome
10. YouTube

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Although WhatsApp is accused of consuming battery power, there are things that may help extend battery life. WhatsApp just released a new dark mode for Android and iPhone, adding a striking new to the service.

Although it hasn't been confirmed, some people speculate that this mode can help extend battery life, especially if your phone has an OLED screen.

OLED consumes less energy when the screen is darkened, which is why the power can be when this option is turned on.

You can learn how to turn on WhatsApp dark mode here.