has been testing its WhatsApp There have been obstacles to India's payment services business since 2018, but to date, regulatory obstacles and compliance issues have prevented a wider rollout. Now, India's regulator is suffering another setback. It is investigating allegations against WhatsApp, alleging that it has abused its dominant market position.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is reviewing a complaint that says WhatsApp Pay will allow FacebookThe messaging platform it owns abuses its dominant position in the market, and the is imposing its payment services on users. If you are not familiar with it, WhatsApp Pay is a bundled service that allows users to make using WhatsApp ’s chat function.

However, the report also pointed out that the review process is still at an early stage and no final decision has been made. Reuters. India is the largest market for WhatsApp, with more than 400 million users. Therefore, launching its payment service will immediately make WhatsApp surpass competitors, such as Google Pay And Softbank support Paytm, These are the two most popular digital payment platforms in India.

Resources: Reuters

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