The WhatsApp Business API is receiving a series of updates to make it easier for companies to start using social messaging platforms and allow customers to quickly communicate with these companies. Facebook’s messaging company announced during the Facebook F8 Refresh on Wednesday. The company said it has adjusted the WhatsApp Business API so that onboarding can be achieved in just five minutes (starting from “a few weeks”). WhatsApp also brings new messaging features to simplify communication between people and businesses. The latest news may help WhatsApp attract new businesses and bring them closer to potential customers.

A major change announced by WhatsApp on F8 Refresh is that companies start to use the WhatsApp Business API faster. WhatsApp said in a statement: “Whether companies want to work with business solution providers in the future or get support directly from Facebook, these improvements will make it easier for more and medium-sized companies to conduct customer conversations on WhatsApp.”

In addition to faster onboarding, WhatsApp has also improved the way companies use APIs to communicate with customers. It said that because companies are limited to sending timely notifications, it is supporting more types of messages. For example, these will let people know when an item is available, or just receive additional information about the listed product.

WhatsApp also stated that it sees how regular updates from health authorities can help respond to the pandemic and helped design similar services that can be used for more types of conversations.

In addition, WhatsApp is launching a method for companies to display a menu of up to 10 message options, from which customers can choose one — without them having to enter their response. There will also be a reply button with up to three options, which customers can choose with a click.

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The new designed by WhatsApp is expected to bring some convenience for companies to establish contact with potential customers. The option of responding to enterprises will bring some automation in particular, which can help enterprise customers who use WhatsApp get a response.

WhatsApp also brings new features that allow people to provide feedback on their when blocking business.

In the past few months, WhatsApp has been trying to make a series of improvements to the way companies communicate with customers on its platform. The company introduced an option in April that allows businesses to manage their catalogs through WhatsApp Web and desktop clients. Last year it also brought a shopping button, allowing customers to see the businesses sold through the app.

Last year, WhatsApp revealed that there are more than 50 million WhatsApp Business app users worldwide, of which 15 million are from India.

WhatsApp has been criticized for updating its privacy policy to support businesses and provide Facebook and its subsidiaries with additional data access. However, the company seems to prioritize the use of a user base of more than 2 billion users worldwide, and is beginning to place more emphasis on businesses that will ultimately help monetize the platform.

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