Screenshot 2020 02 14 Why Whatfix

FixA Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that helps companies create on-screen product walkthroughs for their software. The company raised $ 32 million in a Series C round led by Sequoia Capital India. Cisco Investment participated in the " Eight Road. Venture capital firm and F-Prime Capital.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in San Jose, California, develops tools to help company users and improve employee training by integrating balloon tips to highlight new features and other forms of functional visual overlays. These tools can also be used to provide step-by-step guidance, allowing users to perform specific tasks.

It's all about increasing adoption of digital products so that when a company buys new software, can make the most of it and take advantage of it.

"As the future of work evolves, businesses must immediately invest in digital adoption in preparation for the next wave of the digital workplace," said Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder of Whatfix.

Above: Whafix balloon tips

Whatfix has previously raised about $ 18 million, with another $ 32 million in bank deposits, and it plans to invest in product development and markets in and Australia.

Last year, the market size of software was $ 457 billion. According to Gartner, An increase of 9% over the previous year-is expected to further increase by 10% by 2020. As each company effectively becomes a software company, the need to increase software availability-or at least ensure that workers have the right tools to keep learning during the learning process-will only increase.

"Mainstream employees and alternative workforce will need to be proficient in digital technology, focus on key digital activities, use robots to enter data and perform routine tasks, self-learn through self-learning in the workflow, and adapt to ultra-personalized behavioral guidance ".

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Whatfix also made its first acquisition last year, when It snapped up Indian startup Airim, which has developed an AI-driven personalization engine. Integrated into the Whatfix platform, this will enable more personalized in- guidance technology tailored in real time based on how each user interacts with the website or application. In fact, when using the same application, two people with roughly the same role and performing the same task may see different guidance.

"Personalized in-app guidance, automation and rapid discovery will help businesses and their employees increase productivity and reduce the cognitive burden," Batti said.

There are many other players in the DAP space, including San Francisco-based WalkMe, which has raised $ 90 million in funding Just a few months ago. Raleigh-based Pendo has similar functionality, $ 100 million raised Last year's valuation was $ 1 billion.

"Software is penetrating the deepest gaps in enterprise workflows at an unprecedented rate," added Tejeshwi Sharma, head of Sequoia Capital India. "New Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) are rapidly emerging to ensure that user adoption keeps pace with software purchases. Whatfix has played an important role in shaping the DAS category through innovation aimed at software product adoption and effective use of democratized products. . "

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