Mankind is facing one of the most serious health crises of this century. Among the large number of error messages surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, several things are still clear and proven to be effective. Staying away from society can this disease, and personal hygiene can keep you away from disease. Now, you may think you are introverted in the social realm, but you can still get a without interacting with others. The ability of the virus to survive on different surfaces cannot be accurately determined, but some reports provide numbers from hours to days. Now, is rolling out a new feature for the Clock app for WearOS watches, can you to your regularly and keep yourself and others safe. XDA report.

The Hand-Wash Timer shortcut in the WearOS menu will allow users to enter a 40-second session after 3 seconds. After finishing removing those coronaviruses from your hands, the app will remind you to repeat this process within 3 hours. CDC recommends that you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, so 40 is better.

This new feature is like a smart notification, allowing you to stand and walk after a period of inactivity. Now you can occasionally go to the sink and meet with soap for 40 seconds to add interest to stretching exercises. I know that this does not sound very interesting, but it may be crucial and can save lives. Can your WearOS smart watch use this new feature?

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