We welcome new partners and global digital transformation expert Flavio Dias when we enter Brazil

I first met Flavio in 2013 when he co-invested with him 500 startups In Orist, One of 's online markets-recently raised one C series round. The founder of Olist participated in our San Francisco Accelerator Program. In the next round of financing, Flavio became the then president of Walmart.com, Brazil. He helped establish the name of Olist.

Flavio already enjoys a good reputation as an e-commerce pioneer and operator in the country. For almost two decades, he has helped several companies, including multinational companies, launch online businesses in Brazil.

Flavio is a former CEO of Brazilian retail giant Via Varejo

After Philips' successful experience, Luiza, one of Brazil's largest retailers, hired him to relaunch his website and improve the user experience for e-commerce executives. These achievements caught Wal-Mart's attention, and Wal-Mart invited him to create his website from scratch. After surging online sales to $ 1 billion in just two years, Walmart management decided to split Walmart.com into a separate entity with 1,500 employees and Flavio as president.

He took a break in the retail industry and tried something new: Banco Original, the first digital bank in Brazil, but shortly after, he returned to retail giant Via Varejo ($ 7) to drive digital and physical operations. A billion- revenue with more than 50,000 employees, he most recently served as the company's CEO.

Flavio is one of the few CEOs in the world who can stand out from the role of chief digital officer.

Over the years, he has become familiar with a maturing entrepreneurial scene in Brazil as a company executive and savvy angel investor seeking the latest technology, with 12 retail and fintech investments in his portfolio. This is how we re-establish contact. Flavio decided to join our VC is unlocked It is planned to be held at Stanford University in August 2019. We found a fit in the way we help companies grow.

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During the VC Unlocked program, Flavio met and invested in our 25 company RestAR. He then introduced the Israeli startup to Dafiti's CEO, one of Brazil's largest fashion e-commerce sites, and he also invested. The perfect match is in line with our mission to help expand globally. RestAR enables retail businesses to use AI on any mobile device to convert simple videos of their products into 3D / AR visualizations.

Flavio is now part of our 500 family in São Paulo. He is helping us expand our business in Brazil, where we have made more than 40 investments in emerging companies, including Conta Azul, Descoprika with Edward. He will also build a bridge between startups and companies looking to digitally globally. The 500 is a pioneer of corporate partnerships and private initiatives, and we plan to promote a vibrant and diverse ecosystem in the country.

Flavio's vast experience is critical to consolidating the position of 500 startups. The most active early stage venture capital firm in the world.

Bem Vindo, Flavio!

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