We have new renders for Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The original Galaxy was released a year ago, and although it is not the perfect device, it is 's first foldable device. Now we have the Galaxy Z , which is another Samsung foldable device with a device. Nevertheless, we are still waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, and now we have new renderers that show what will be available in the near future.

New concept render of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is now available, thanks to Windows Federation And concept artist Waqar Khan. These renderings are based on rumors, reports and patents that have appeared online so far.

We can see that the device has a punched display for the selfie inside, as well as an external screen with a notch that will accommodate another selfie . The of the main is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, and We can also see the arrival of S Pen. Now, according to Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, we may see the device in July, But we will have to wait and see how the COVID-19 pandemic affects this possible release date.

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