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Launching next week on the Nintendo Switch is Fighting knight, This is a slow-running platformer with a familiar vintage feel.

There are players in the game who help a brave knight find his holy grail-and make money while making money. You will always be exploring the dungeon and avoiding pitfalls while striving to make a living and become rich.

It was actually released on Steam last September, but it seems most of it is flying under the radar. Here is the list of features:

-Explore dangerous dungeon filled with traps, treasures and food?
-Various enemies will try to shoot at you, stab you, you or become your friend … it doesn't matter, just shoot at them
-A variety of weapons to meet the various of the knight
-Deadly trap, you never want to leave it at home [but maybe in your home]
-Gold, gems and treasures
-There is no text in the game, the story is conveyed visually

It is scheduled to be released on the Switch on February 28 and will cost $ 4.99.

We have retro-style platform games in the form Shovel Knight Now it's Bucket Knight on Switch, so what's the next step? Hammer Knight? Lawn Mower Knight? Maybe a cheese grater knight? The possibilities are .

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