WD My Book Live users around the world are facing an unexpected problem, that is, they have lost all the data stored on network attached storage (NAS) drives. Western Digital has acknowledged the problem and recommends that users disconnect the My Book Live device from the Internet to prevent any problems until further notice. The company is also investigating a compromise that led to the complete erasure of all data on the device without notifying users in advance. This issue affects WD My Book Live and My Book Duo.

Some users initially reported on Western Digital’s support forum that they suddenly lost all data stored on the WD My Book Live device. “I have a WD mybook connected to my home LAN in real time, and it has been working well for many years,” wrote an affected user who posted on the company forum. “I just discovered that, somehow, all the data on it is gone today, and the directory seems to be empty there.”

Soon after the problem was reported online, other My Book Live users responded that they were also facing similar sudden data loss. Some users also pointed out that erasing data is not the result of any new software update, because the firmware on devices started in June 2015-about when Western Digital stopped My Book Live.

Western Digital responded to user complaints on its support forum and stated that it has determined that certain My Book Live devices have been compromised by malware. “In some cases, this compromise resulted in a factory reset, which seemed to ease all the data on the device,” said the San Jose, California-based company.

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It also recommends that users unplug My Book Live from the Internet to protect their data on the device while their engineers are investigating the root cause of the problem.

According to a case reported on the company’s support forum (originally reported by Bleeping Computer), the most affected My Book Live device continued to display the file structure where the lost data was originally stored. Some users stated that devices appeared to have been reset to factory settings, while others stated that they received a page asking for an owner password that they did not know.

Western Digital told TechnologyShout in an official response via email that the incident is under active investigation.

The company said: “ have no indication that Western Digital cloud services or systems have been compromised or compromised.” “We have determined that certain My Book Live devices have been compromised by threat actors. In some cases, this compromise It will result in a factory reset, which seems to erase all data on the device. My Book Live device received the final firmware update in 2015. At this time, we recommend that customers disconnect the My Book Live device from the Internet to protect them Data on the device.”

However, it is not whether the company is also working to provide any data recovery services to affected users, because the problem has caused the sudden loss of precious digital assets.

WD My Book Live was launched in 2011 as the company’s product for the general public, with a storage capacity of between 1-3TB. With the launch of WD My Book Live Duo, it was updated in 2012, which includes two drives that provide up to 6TB of storage space.

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