episode 3 was broadcast on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar on January 22-around a rapidly developing and life-changing event: pregnancy. The words rapid growth and pregnancy are usually not found in the same sentence, but in the strange world of sitcoms, Marvel’s new TV series, everything changes. Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) baby bump, which was launched at the end of WandaVision’s second episode, was not only regarded as “really happening” but also brought more surprises. She gave birth to twins! Considering that Wanda and Vision (Paul Bettany) also have twins in the comics, they have grown into “young avengers”, so Marvel comics will foresee this.

WandaVision : Marvel brings a mystery within Sitcom

The new episode of WandaVision, directed by Matt Shakman and written by Megan McDonnell, also provides more clues to the true nature of Westview. All this proves that Wanda has used her own power to create this false world, and she has been changing her will. The end of episode 3 of WandaVision shows that it may not happen in Wanda’s mind as many people suspect, but it may actually exist in the body.

With the color conversion at the end of Episode 2, WandaVision Episode 3 brings the MCU series into the color world. The title sequence even announced this, just like the TV show at the time. WandaVision Episode 3 comes with a new title sequence, where Wanda and Vision are responsible for making more household items- vacuum cleaners, Vision making burgers, dancing together, reading pregnancy books and pregnant women magazines, and watching Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) and Geraldine” (Teyonah Parris). Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Kristen Anderson-Lopez) and Robert Lopez (Robert Lopez)’s Frozen duo brought another beautiful piece of music.

Then, we visited the Vision residence with Dr. Nielson (Randy Oglesby) and he confirmed that Wanda was pregnant- four months. Considering that this happened almost overnight, the vision was naturally confused, but they played with the doctor to avoid any suspicion. Dr. Nielsen then added that they compared adult babies with fruits to make it easy for the ladies, a sentence that caught Wanda’s attention. WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer deliberately dealt with traditional gender roles and sexism from the beginning, and this trend has continued.

Randy Oglesby as Dr. Nielson in WandaVision Episode 3
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

The sight made the doctor leave there. He was happy to leave for a trip to Bermuda. Outside, he found their neighbor, David Payton, who seemed to be a cuckoo. He claimed that he was trimming the bushes and passed through the shared wall between their houses. How are the residents of Westview? Are they even real? WandaVision Episode 3 further intensified speculation.

The Vision Company walked in and found that Wanda’s pregnancy had developed further: from four months to six months. When she was decorating the baby’s , Vision read another pregnancy book, and Wanda felt a kick that she described as “impatient”. According to her words, the toy butterflies in the ceiling decoration above the crib came to life, and Wanda them out of the window.

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At the same time, Vision sparked a naming debate, and the two found themselves caught between Billy and Tommy. Billy and Tommy are actually the names of the children of Wanda and Vision in the comics. They grew up to become superheroes Wiccan and Speed ​​respectively. Regarding the name, Wanda expressed contradiction, they should hope that there is a girl.

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After only a minute, Wanda felt a tightness. Sight tossed over and over in the book, and pointed out that this must be Braxton Hicks’ contraction, that is, false labor. He asked Wanda to practice breathing exercises, and I couldn’t translate it into a comedy—must see. Olsen has shown excellent comedy sensitivity and ability throughout WandaVision, but the third episode of WandaVision is a true show of her performance.

In any case, the breathing exercise felt useless to Wanda. Wanda screamed in pain and somehow caused all the surrounding equipment to malfunction. In addition, electricity is also consumed. Visually confirm that the entire obstacle has been resolved.

Wanda wants to know if they have been greeting since they arrived in Westview, and whether the neighbors knew they were responsible. The vision was agreed, and when he began to record the strangeness of the event, he began to believe what was wrong with the world. Wanda obviously did not expect that he would stick to this line of thinking-the scene showed that eyesight may not be a disguise of her imagination, although he may be just another version of her, proposing what she wants to bury-it seems to reset the world, like She tells the last few minutes of WandaVision episode 2 the same way. In the second step, Vision walked away from the tangent, which was more consistent with the previous event.

wandavision episode 3 visual wandavision episode 3

Paul Bettany as the visual in WandaVision Episode 3
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

The third episode of WandaVision also played a false advertisement, just like the two episodes, showing that mother can’t control everything. Her child knocked on a cereal bowl, shit was sprinkled in the room, her daughter burned a turkey in the oven, and the blender spilled out. Then the voice-over asked: “Do you need a break?” His mother nodded to him. Cut into luxurious bath powder called Hydra Soak, it allows overworked mothers to take a vacation without leaving the house. Its slogan is “find the goddess inside”. Surprised fans, it’s time to spin those theoretical wheels.

Their truly warm moment was interrupted by a real contraction, which frightened Vision, because it was faster than his calculations. Wanda calmed Vision and herself through the above breathing exercises-the scene was another feeling of rejoicing-but just as the “unusual couple” seemed to catch something, it was raining in the house. Wanda said clearly: “I think my water just broke.”

The rain stopped and Wanda used its own power to dry the whole house. Then, Wanda is now increasing day by day, and his vision is going to a doctor. After he left, she heard the sound of the baby room and someone knocked on the doorbell. Wanda was shocked because no one saw her yesterday when she was pregnant, wearing a big coat to cover her belly. Geraldine is at the door, and she needs a bucket to drain the water that flooded her house. Not everyone is as motivated as Wanda. She walked into the kitchen to pick up a bucket, but after the coat started to change itself with every contraction Wanda encountered, she had to scramble to avoid Geraldine.

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Wanda grabbed a nearby fruit tray to cover the touch, and when she found a stork behind Geraldine (Granula), she escorted it out. That explains the sound of the baby room. The stork that Wanda painted on the wall has become active and is now trotting in her living room. You will directly see a metaphor that is about to be born. In order to prevent Geraldine from seeing the stork, Wanda convinced her to sit down and talk. She was very happy. When Geraldine told the story, Wanda only stared at the stork. She tried to make it disappear in the faint red smoke-twice-but it didn’t work. The baby came to Wanda, this is a sign.

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Geraldine then stood up and walked into the nursery-their former spare room-and picked up what she needed. Although Geraldine was still commenting on its lifelikeness, the stork chose to disguise itself by placing it in the exact position of the mural. Wanda said that she could explain that, like another contraction, she dropped the vase she was holding. It collapsed, and the charm of Wanda finally disappeared. Wanda is clearly giving birth, and Geraldine’s reaction is exactly what you expected: “You are pregnant!!”

Since Vision is still unavailable, Geraldine will help Wanda give birth. Just like before, all the electrical appliances (and even other items) in the house are going crazy. The lamp fell from the sky, the paint on the wall was spinning fast, and the vacuum cleaner itself worked. Geraldine noticed that there was clearly something to be solved, but she still had an urgent task. Encouraged by Geraldine, Wanda pushed and pushed, and see, the baby was born. At this moment, Vision arrived with the doctor on his back. Geraldine takes the lead in the naturally rotating doctor to the kitchen so that the new parents can have some separate time.

wandavision episode 3 baby wandavision episode 3

Teyonah Parris as Geraldine, Tommy in WandaVision Episode 3
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Vision calls him by Tommy’s name, which makes Wanda happy. But just when they were about to kiss, Wanda began to scream again. Another baby is on the way! Quickly switch the screen, and see, we have another baby boy. twin! Fans will anticipate this. Naturally, the young one was named Billy, and showed us twins in comics. It’s time to start the “Young Avengers” hype. Of course, whether this is really controversial.

On the way to leave again, the doctor thanked Geraldine, and then added: “I think you might become a nurse,” Geraldine evoked a shocked reaction, but Wanda disapproved. How WandaVision challenges another sign of sexism and misogyny.

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The sight caused the doctor to leave the hospital again and said he hoped he could still go on vacation. The doctor didn’t think so: “It’s hard to escape from a small town.” This seems to be a stray comment, but it points to the essence of WandaVision. As Vision enters the interior, there is more. He saw Herb chatting with Agnes on the fence he crossed. They whispered to each other, which caught Vision’s attention. Agnes asked Vision if Geraldine was inside Wanda, making him wonder “Why?”

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While indoors, Geraldine talked about the fact that Wanda had just sent out twins, which led Wanda to mention that he was twins and to his brother Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver who died in the Avengers (Avengers: Ultron) ( Aaron Taylor-Johnson) salute. Geraldine brought up the fact that how he was killed by Ultron, which seemed to be something she shouldn’t have made. Wanda was pulled away from the idyllic experience because tears flowed down his cheeks and said, “What do you say?”

Outside, Agnes further explained why she asked Geraldine. Not only is she a new town, but she has no family, no husband, and no home.

Geraldine tried to back down, but Wanda became popular. She found the symbol she saw on the miniature red toy helicopter-the sword on the ring that fans found was related to SWORD, a bit like SHIELD, but in space-hung on Geraldine’s necklace, and asked her to leave. Is Geraldine (real name Monica Rambeau) now a SWORD agent?

wandavision episode 3 monica rambeau

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau/Geraldine in WandaVision Episode 3
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Outside, Agnes and Herman tried to tell Vision that Geraldine was here “because we are all…”, but they were hesitant to say more. He rushed in and found Geraldine was missing. Wanda’s lie is that she must rush home, but in fact, she drove her out of this world.

When the aspect ratio was changed from 4:3 to 2.35:1 for standard film, Geraldine displayed an invisible energy field that seemed to contain Westview. When she realized that, a helicopter and a large number of vehicles surrounded her, and a bunch of agents in black came out and surrounded her. WandaVision episode 3 zoomed out to show a bunch of portable floodlights, staring at some kind of energy field that seemed to contain Wanda’s creation of the world.

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All this proves that Wanda is using her real-world manipulation power to change the world according to her own wishes, which is probably due to the grief of the death of vision. She trapped herself (voluntarily) and others in the said world, which forced Geraldine and other SWORD agents to sneak into it to stop her.

WandaVision Episode 3 is now available on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. New episodes are released every Friday (U.S. Standard Time) 1:30 PM / 12 AM Pacific Time.