This is no secret Jerry Sunfield It is a fan. In fact, his TV show of the same name pays homage to his interest in : Jerry ’s refrigerator is equipped with Skip Barber Racing School Magnet; Porsche posters are posted on the wall of his apartment. Jerry’s neighbor Kramer drove the 1973 experimental car Chevrolet Impala.

Yes, Kramer’s green Impala – the famous car in Sunfield Episode “Fosli Jerry“-This is not an ordinary Chevrolet, but one of the 1,000 impalas produced in 1973, called the” Air Cushion Restraint System (ACRS) “by GM’s experimental front airbag system. How do we know? Okay , Look at the car interior, for example “race“Or”Pothole“You will find the obvious logo of Impala equipped with ACRS: It is worth noting that the four-spoke steering wheel has pillow-shaped wheels that can accommodate the driver’s side airbag and the improved Oldsmobile dashboard, which hides the passenger’s feeling. Side Airbag and driver-side cushioning knee restraint.

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GM did not provide ACRS in its regular sales orders for Impalas in 1973, but the company sent many Impalas equipped with ACRS for actual testing to fleet customers across the United States. The stunt security technology of these cars is accompanied by several performance improvements, including suspension and chassis stolen from police car bags (RPO B07) And a 5.7-liter V-8 engine Frigate.

There are at least 190 horses under the hood, and a maximum of 250 ponies (General Motors spokesperson cannot confirm whether ACRS Impalas uses Corvette standards L48 or available L82 5.7-liter V-8), each Impala equipped with ACRS requires at least 45 more horses than the standard 145-horsepower 5.7-liter elbow octagon that is shipped from Impala. This is enough to overcome the additional burden of ACRS on the quality of experimental Impala.


Despite debuting in Impala, ACRS never entered the bow tie brand. Instead, GM added the technology to the options menu of certain 1974–1976 Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile models. However, consumers’ lack of interest in this feature eventually led to its demise. The market failure of ACRS eventually led GM to abandon the provision of airbags in its cars for more than a decade.

So, how did Kramer’s Impala in 1973 go from an experimental test car to become the choice for the most fashionable obsessive fans on TV? Your guess is the same as ours. We contacted Jerry ’s representative for information about the vehicle, but have not yet received an echo from the comedian or his spokesperson. In other words, it is likely Companies that provide cars for movies and TV shows just provide this rare machine to Sunfield team. Nevertheless, it is still conceivable that Seinfeld owns and provides this Impala to his own show. After all, even Porsche enthusiasts like Seinfeld will certainly appreciate the special performance of the rare, 1973 Impala driven by Corvette, which also contains the earliest examples of front airbag technology in the industry. Just like Kramer himself might say: “Dizziness!”

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