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Today, Nintendo hosted Looks like the new regular format the company’s progress, Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner showcase.

Today’s show gave us a quick overview of a few games in eight minutes, providing the release date and content updates of the game on Switch, as well as other announcements in the game. Japanese-only video. However, the response is mixed At least to say.

Now it’s worth noting that Nintendo warned from the beginning, Saying that Direct will “focus on publications of our development and publishing partners”- So there is no Mario, Smash Bros., etc.. Nintendo said in the show’s announcement: “We will share a small portion of the previously announced Nintendo Switch game updates”, apparently trying to curb the hype that such announcements usually cause.

However, a quick search Direct Nintendo On social media, people made a lot of comments, which shocked those who were angry after craving and expecting more. every angry comment, you will find another one among those incredible people who think there will be any anger even after Nintendo’s hyped comments, and similar stories can be seen in our own comment section.

Therefore, we hand it over to you. Are you with the performance? Does it meet your expectations? Or do you want more?

Feel free to expand on your answers in the comments below, and be sure to check back later to see the results of the poll.


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