We know that nearly 20 years after John Cooper made his debut, they created a new adventure for firearms and ammunitioners, means that we need to try a whole new series of "Desperados". The Mimimi Games team has extensive experience in creating stealth-oriented real-time tactical games, and is eager to enhance the game genre while taking full advantage of the unique advantages of the rich western wilderness world.

Desperate III

Desperate III Is a story-driven experience, from this perspective, Desperate III Is a prequel. It was not necessary to understand franchise rights before, but franchise fans can look forward to understanding Cooper ’s childhood-how he met the legendary bounty hunter Doc McCoy and attracted Kate O & # 39; Hara. Fans can also look forward to meeting new characters in the Cooper gang, such as Hector Mendoza (Hector Mendoza) and Isabelle Moreau (Isabelle Moreau).

Desperate III

A gathering of five "desperants" will encounter a complex sandbox task, requires both strategic planning and an ingenious combination of various skills. Players will need to weigh the risks and benefits of shooting or taking a more covert method to complete each mission. Most situations can be described as violent problems with various possible solutions. New game mechanics (such as planning in the improved duel mode) allow players to pause actions when planning the next step. In the showdown mode, players can also instruct actions for John, Doc, Kate, Hector and Isabel-this is a major improvement to the "Desperate Star" series.

Another new mechanism we call “civilian area” is Desperate III experience. Without doubt, players can explore the town and listen to the conversation to get tips on how to complete the task in a particularly elegant way. This adds another layer of depth and complexity that we think fans will truly appreciate.

Desperate III

Desperate III Will be launched on Xbox One X on June 16, It is now possible to make a reservation on the Microsoft Store! From the many practical operating opportunities of programs such as E3, gamescom and PAX, we know that game console players have been waiting for a long time, and this story-driven tactical stealth game can't wait!

Xbox Live

Desperados III Deluxe Edition

Desperados III Deluxe Edition includes the main game and Pass.

"Desperados III" ticket includes 3 DLC, each DLC has a new mission.

DLC will be released after the release in 2020, and tell the story of new adventures that occur after the main game event.