The NFT video game project Supdrive is at the helm of Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of Vine, a popular short video sharing application that closed in 2017. Twitter user @jacksondame shared more on the Weibo site about what seems to be an out-of-the-box project. Sharing screenshots of communications received from Hoffman, users wrote that Supdrive broke the boundaries and innovatively made it stand out in an already crowded market.

Hoffman said in his message that he did not expect that his project had received that kind of response within 12 hours before it was announced.

Hoffman further clarified the specific meaning of the project. He said that Supdrive is an on-chain fantasy console, where the game is NFT. He further stated that the audience can regard it as the “art building block of the game.” He said that these games run on Supdrive Virtual Firmware, a toolkit that allows games to be written concise instructions that are “gas friendly” and ideal for on-chain storage.

“Although each game will be released in a fixed version size, each version is unique-each version of the game will be different, whether it is color palette, difficulty, special abilities or more,” he added .

If you already want to know what kind of games console will launch, Hoffman explained that Supdrive will launch old arcade-style games. “ the upgrade of the firmware, the game will gradually become more complicated,” he said, adding that maybe one day we might even have a “Super Supdrive or Supdrive 64”.

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The first game in the console is called Origin.

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