Vimeo is a video hosting platform extremely popular with creators, and its CEO Anjali Sud shared a special moment on Tuesday, just after she regarded the company as a cousin of YouTube. She tweeted a photo of herself with her son and said: “Good luck before mom rings the bell to make @Vimeo public. I can’t believe that this day has arrived.” What’s less known is that The bell ceremony at the Nasdaq Market site in Times Square in Manhattan is of great significance for the company and its employees to showcase their talents, work and to a global audience.

Nasdaq executives presided over the opening and closing ceremonies, providing a platform for the company to “create meaningful brand awareness.” Their one-hour exclusive advertisements on the Nasdaq Tower and Marquee are all stated on their official website.

Going back to Sud and his son’s tweets, this image has won the hearts of many people and encompassed the meaning of being a female leader. This female leader took the young company to extraordinary and became mother.

Later that day, Sud once again posted a Twitter photo with her entire team on the Nasdaq stage. The picture was taken after Vimeo was officially released. Sud mentioned that Vimeo has been publicly listed, and added: “This is a 16-year love of work, rooted in our belief in video features.” She also thanked “everyone who made today possible”.

Soon after, people praised the 37-year-old CEO. A user of @TarunBharadia said that the story of the “first Indian-American female CEO” publicly listing the company was “inspiring” and added: “The most important thing is that I like this suit and this photo. . Really cool mom”.

Another user @stephers1313 congratulated Sud on her “big day” and said that she “expressed it very clearly”.

Here are some more reactions:

Vimeo is already on the market, which represents its success. However, when Sud joined the company, the situation was different. Internet video platforms at the time were eager to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO.

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When Sud was Vimeo’s marketing director seven years ago, she had different plans and visions for the platform. According to her, Vimeo’s future is not in Hollywood, but elsewhere. According to her mantra, it is to shift the focus from entertainment to entrepreneurs.

“Vimeo has long been a software company for filmmakers, but the market is too small,” Forbes quoted Sud as saying in its April issue. “There is another bigger market-the enterprise. The work Squarespace and GoDaddy do with the website, we can handle the video.”

According to another report by The Verge, the key is to understand that Vimeo is not really ready for companies like Netflix or Amazon Prime. “I and myself and some other people in the company have put forward a point that we may not compete well with Netflix on original content, because we may not spend $17 billion on it.” said.

Now, the company has more than 800 employees worldwide.

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