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Villagers crossing animals are now referring to Brewster, is the cafe update soon?

in case Animal Crossing: New Horizons This is not the first you have played in the Nintendo lifestyle series of games, you may know that the game is still lacking a lot of content in the current state.

Although there is no guarantee that certain characters and buildings will return, the recently discovered villager dialogue seems to imply Art Museum Department Brathers Fake painting Everything may make a comeback, even DLC.

Now, in addition to this, a villager who recorded a game on captured a villager who quoted Brewster – a pigeon character that has appeared throughout the series, and Animals stepping over new leaves.

Separate French screenshots even quoted "The Roost". Brewery coffee shop in Shin Ye.

Although more and more evidence is circulating, we will continue to catch up and say that all of this points to adding more content [and possibly DLC] to the game in the near future. However, for now, it should be regarded as a regular chat of language.

Do you think we will see more familiar animal faces in New ? Share your thoughts below.

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