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The Witcher 3

Latest patches Sabre Interactive The Witcher 3 Recently deleted, it brings new visual choices and improvements to tables. The game is already a impressive feat on Switch, but the new patch adds a lot of visual options in addition to the cross-save feature Steam and GOG PC versions of the game. Our cute video master Alex I saw the difference yesterday It is no exaggeration to say that we live in Nintendo Powerfully You are impressed with the adjustments and upgrades provided.

Of course, when it comes to fine-grained analysis involving frame drop counters, direct slow-motion comparisons, and those small frame monitors that look like games depend on survival, Digital Foundry's strength lies in themselves. After using the new patch for a whole day, DF's Thomas Morgan details it in the video below, focusing on how the patch affects the frame rate:

As you can see, Saber Interactive's impressed us. It seems that many effects can be turned on with negligible impact on the frame rate, but the fact that these options allow Switch owners to adjust the experience to their liking is highly praiseworthy. good stuff

Tom also rightly pointed out the importance of cross-save functionality with the PC version of the game. With this feature, the Switch version adds new highlights to bows and arrows. It is more attractive players who want to get the best "Ultra" version of the game at home, and they also want to be able to break up with them when they break up with the wizard. Masters equipment.

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We recommend a coffee this afternoon and enjoy the full 12 minutes in the video above. After all, what else do you want to see this afternoon, right? Oh. Well, you can squeeze it before that!